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Country Music isn’t for Haters – it’s for Americans

You don’t know anything about country music unless you have listened to Waylon Jennings on an 8-track tape in an old school bus that has been converted into a trailer to haul your daddy’s pulling truck – Pullwinkle.

(Get it, instead of Bullwinkle?  I even had a hat with moose horns on it.  Rednecks have a sense of humor.)

When you grow up redneck, you don’t hate anybody — there are crops to harvest, you don’t have time.  You worry about how much water is in the well, how much beer is in the fridge, and how much time is left before the game starts.

We just aren’t a hating crowd.  We have other things to think about – like wood paneling in the converted school bus.

That is why I was so shocked last week when MSNBC guest Jamilah Lemieux said this:

“Nothing says, ‘Let’s go kill some Muslims’ like country music.”

What the wha?!?!?

She said more, she was talking about Ted Cruz, after all, so that makes it all ok in liberal world!

Listen, elite progressive liberals, country music is the most popular genre of music currently.  You guys may want to wise up or nobody is going to be listening to you anymore.

Oh, I guess on MSNBC no one is listening anyway.

Here it is, plain and simple, from Craig Morgan.  Morgan is a former army ranger and country music singer.  He spoke on Fox and Friends after the latest MSNBC debacle:

“It’s a little insulting but it’s also laughable,” Morgan said. “I don’t know why Ms. Lemieux felt the need to be, really it was just rude. I felt like it was a very rude statement.”

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