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The Plane Crash and Media Fears



There has been some evidence that Andreas Lubitz had been attending a mosque before his suicide-homicide.


Maybe, maybe not.  But why has none of the major media mentioned it? Is it because it is not true or because the media is so afraid of seeming Islamophic that they won’t raise possibilities? Even if there is scant evidence, it is certainly a possibility worth raising when so many people died.


Almost all terrorist attacks are by Muslims. Shouldn’t the crash be explored in the context of Islam?  Weren’t all the pilots on 9/11 Muslims?  What airlines would allow a Muslim pilot in the future?


What responsibility does Germanwings have in the deaths of 150 people?  We have been warned.  Tomorrow is of our own making.


Perhaps Lubitz was suicidal. That does not close the subject.  When our President can’t even utter the words Islamic terrorists what makes us think  that he wouldn’t be hiding the possibility that Lubitz was guilty.


If Obama ever says again that Islam is a peaceful religion he should be impeached for lying and perjury.

That does not make Lubitz a Muslim or guilty.  It makes the possibility worth exploring.


It is a clue.  Like if Andreas Lubitz was in the plane with a Koran. Probably not.  This is not an accusation.  It is a question for inquiry.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

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