Social Media and First World Problems

I don’t really get a lot about social media.  I love our Facebook fans, they are really awesome.  But, I don’t understand all of my friends (sorry guys) who take selfies all the time, or post about every event in their children’s lives, or post a picture of dinner.

I guess when I am having an experience, I am, well, experiencing it, not thinking about posting the experience online.  And, well, I just eat the dinner.

So, LinkedIn is a complete mystery to me.  LinkedIn is another social media site, but it is for “professional connections.”  I have received various requests.  So, for clients and friends, I set up an account and responded to all of their inquiries.

Follow me, here.  Now, I am also on the cloud.  The cloud automatically gave me another email address.  Fine.  But, the cloud also gave my friends, clients and colleagues the option to send me LinkedIn requests using the cloud email.

So, when I click on those requests, I can’t access them because I didn’t actually set up a LinkedIn account using that email address.

Are you with me?

So, I emailed LinkedIn “customer service” to see how I could access all of the requests from an account that I didn’t set up and how we could be sure that people can’t send me requests to the unauthorized account in the future.

There was a lot of back and forth.  The customer service rep blamed Google.  She then closed the account, making it impossible for me to access the requests.  When I asked her how I could access the requests, she said, “This account is already closed, per your request from the first email you sent, therefore you will not be able to access this account.”

I started to get a mental image of Jen Psaki taking each time I received one of her snark-tastic emails.

Yes, I did ask for the unauthorized account to be closed, but I also asked how I can get the requests from friends and associates.


I quickly realized that she had no interest in me, the customer, or in providing excellent service.  She, just like the Obama administration, just wanted to be sure that it wasn’t her fault and then clear the file off her desk.

The point?  There is one, believe me.

No matter how many websites you set up to get people to “connect,” whether it is professionally or socially, there is no replacement for actually interacting with people.

No matter how much code a young person can create, unless he or she learns how to interact with customers and provide actual service, the American system of “customer service” is, unfortunately, going down the drain.

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