Sticking Up for France

When I have time, I like to read cheesy mystery novels.  I guess it gives me a break from all of the real world problems I write about every day.

One series that I read is by Leslie Meier.  Her series always has the name of a pastry, then “murder” — like “French Pastry Murder,” etc.

Meier, who leans left, chronicles the life of Lucy Stone, part-time reporter, mother of four and amateur sleuth.

The last that I read in the series was “French Pastry Murder,” and took place in Paris.  It was really interesting to me that this left leaning writer had no problem outlining all of the problems (interwoven in the story) about the left’s beloved France.

Several times in the book, all trains, buses and taxis stopped operating in protest of something.  So, the plucky heroine had to walk miles and miles while solving that pesky murder.

Meier talked a lot about how desolate parts of Paris were, the constant threat of crime, the sub-standard accommodations, which were way below our American standards.  And, the French legal system – she and all of her friends were complicity guilty in the crime until proven innocent.  They were horrified when the French police took all of their passports and said that they couldn’t leave France until the crime was solved.

We don’t even take away passports from terrorists!  But, I digress.

Flag of FranceI completely understand that socialist France is not a great place, no matter what slobbering liberals say about it.

But, I am going to stick up for France right now, something that I have certainly never done before.

A French investigator gave a press conference on Thursday morning about the fate of Germanwings Flight 9525, which went down in the French Alps on Wednesday.

He said that the co-pilot crashed the plane intentionally.  He didn’t say:

-we have no idea what happened

-we are “investigating” and then never give an answer

-we “just heard about this crash on the news”

-the “alleged” co-pilot “allegedly” “may” have crashed the plane

He gave a definitive answer regarding what his investigation revealed happened.

Here in America, we have gotten so used to being blown off, this declaration of an answer was surprisingly reassuring.

When scandal after scandal rocks our nation, Obama puppets Jay Carney, Josh Earnest, Marie Harf and Jen Psaki snarkily look down their noses at reporters (and you) and say:

-we are investigating,

-we just heard about this on the news,

-we will look into it and get back to you

And, they never do.  Scandal after scandal, the Obama administration relies upon the forgetfulness of the American people.

Despite this tragedy, the straight forward response from the French was refreshing.

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