Australia’s Conservatives Win Sweeping Victory

Liberal government policies have failed the great nation of Australia, and the people of Australia have decided it’s time for a change. Australia’s conservatives won a sweeping victory in Saturday’s national vote. It was the economy crushing policies and the constant drama of the Labor Party that convinced most Australian voters to cast their ballots for the conservatives once again. The newly elected representatives have a great opportunity to show how well conservative policies work. Liberal Party (who are actually the conservatives) leader Tony Abbot is not an especially popular politician, but his promise to end the carbon tax, fix the economy, and provide stable leadership made his Party the choice to lead. He and the conservatives defeated Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party coalition in an overwhelming electoral victory, winning a presumed 91 of 150 seats to Parliament.

The first thing the conservative Liberal Party led coalition will look to do is abolish a carbon tax that was passed by the Labor Party led coalition in 2012. The tax was one of the heaviest weights on the Labor Party, who had promised not to pass any such measure. But once in power, the minority coalition could not help themselves. By passing the carbon tax, they showed voters that their desires meant nothing, and the true goal was to liberalize the Australian government.

The Australian economy has floundered under the leadership of the liberals. Their policies — like the policies of the Obama administration — have slowed growth and hindered employment for nearly 6 years. The Australian people began seeing the liberal Labor Party policies for the albatross to the economy that they were, and this opened the door for conservatives to show how different their own policies would be.

aus.electionThe conservatives will also look to avoid the mistakes of party-infighting that turned the Labor Party into a public spectacle. The entire nation watched as members of the Labor Party continually attacked each other, and seemed to care more about their jobs and how they looked than fixing Australian’s economy. In fact, in the six years since Labor came to power, the party has seen two coups against a sitting Prime Minister. Also, while they’ve been in power for 6 straight years, the leadership of their party (and government) has changed hands three times. The Labor Party’s tenure as leaders of the nation was a comedy of errors.

Is the conservative landslide victory in Australia an omen of things to come? One can only hope. In France we see a similar revival of conservatism now that the Socialist Party has begun its work of destroying any hope of economic recovery there. In England, with conservatives at the helm, the economy seems to be stabilizing and the liberal argument there flagging — but Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent missteps in joining with President Obama on the war in Syria may cost conservatives in England dearly. But with the conservative victory in Australia today… let’s be optimistic about the future.

Conservative values can lead our world to great prosperity… let’s get it done.


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