Thinking More about Giuliani’s Criticism of Obama

It took me a while to write about Giuliani’s February  criticism of Obama at a private GOP dinner where he said that “I do not believe that the president loves America.” 

Big deal.  Why did Giuliani say that “this is a horrible thing to say?”  It is obvious that it is the truth.  I couldn’t believe that sycophantic liberals were stupid enough to not understand the possibility that  Obama doesn’t love America. Obvious is obvious unless you are wearing progressive blinders.

Being President doesn’t mean that you love your country.  It might.  But it can also mean that you love your own power and want your country to love you. In Obama’s case it is narcissism.  He is the queen of the pronoun, “I.”

“To say, as the president has, that American exceptionalism is no more exceptional than the exceptionalism of any other country in the world, does not suggest a becoming and endearing modesty, but rather a stark lack of moral clarity,” Giuliani said. 

Giuliani recognized Obama’s technique of using self-deprecation to win the favor of his audience.  It made him seem open minded when he is closed minded and driven by left wing ideology.

Naturally, Giuliani was criticized for his criticism of Obama by liberals.  Liberals can’t tolerate honesty because it contradicts their empathetic desire not to hurt anyone’s feelings, even if they are traitorous and anti-American.

Obama’s modesty is a sham.  He can’t get away with endearingly backing his self-destructive programs and pretending that he is modest rather than antagonistic towards America.

Allow him his slippery day in court.  Let him fool the foolish Americans. But don’t accuse him of a modesty he doesn’t really have. We can’t stop him when the electorate is stupid and easily duped.

Obama pretends other countries are better than ours because he actually hates our country.  What other explanation makes sense? We have the greatest country in the world and he wants to tear it down.  He is a derivative communist Kenyan who, according to Dinesh de Sousa, hates colonialism.    

If he liked America, would he go golfing when Foley lost his head?  Would he make a deal with Iran that will ultimately lead to their having nuclear bombs? In ten years will Obama apologize to us from a sand trap when New York is shrouded by a nuclear mushroom crowd?

It’s funny that Giuliani was so hysterically criticized for saying the obvious, “I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America.”

Isn’t it obvious? It’s not a horrible thing to say.  It’s a horrible thing not to recognize.

 Obama has imitated Charlie Manson in his helter skelter exacerbating divisiveness, trying to start a race war in America.  Witness Professor Gates, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. 

He stopped Israel when it wanted to annihilate Iran’s nuclear facilities. He suggested that they return to their indefensible 1967 borders.

Obama tries to miniaturize America by saying, “I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

He sounds level headed but he is self-denigrating and belittling America.

Obama brags, “We have unmatched military capability” but he rushes ahead to reduce it.  He boasts that we have free speech while he twists speech into sound bites for liberal progressivism.

Obama talks about how we must “work collectively, all parties have to compromise and that includes us.”  But there is no compromise.  We get no support in our wars from his putative collective reciprocity and little contribution from collective effort and the racist UN.

Obama says that “leadership is incumbent, depends on, our ability to create partnerships, because we create partnerships because we can’t solve these problems alone.”  He says that because he is afraid to take the responsibility for doing things alone.  He wants partners to hide behind.  But his partners are as ineffective as he is.  We have a partnership of nothing. Witness our sporadic, ineffectual bombing of Isis.

He won’t put our boots on the ground because he cares less that we win against Isis than that he doesn’t get blamed for any deaths.  Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”  Obama implies— Speak a lot and don’t carry a stick.

Obama tries to diminish American exceptionalism by saying, “I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

Obama worships American failure.  He wants us to drift down the toilet bowl of Democratic betrayals. He uses the IRS to punish conservatives and strangles service to soldiers at the VA Hospitals. He throws us a bone—food stamps—so our poor feel hearty enough to march in Occupy Wall Street.

He complains about women’s wages while he depresses them at the White House.  He sneaks out of Iraq so he can look like a pacifist while facilitating the rise of Isis, its rapes and crucifixion of children.  He changes the fabric of society by allowing same sex marriage and adoption.  After a history of worldwide heterosexual marriage, he, with his minimal ability at original thought, buries us in his political correctness.

Heterosexual marriage is a fundamental building block of civilization.  And our affirmative action, arrogant, Ivy League President wants to change the world without a clue as to what he is changing it to.

God spare us from Obama.  He knows not what he does or if he does know then God defend him from himself.  And I’m an agnostic.  Well, let a partial God defend us from his arrogant simpleminded ideas.

And his naïve followers were upset for his merely not loving America?  His intellectual sins are multitude and won’t be fully felt for years.

Giuliani was right.  It’s so obvious.  What idiots would remonstrate against the truth?

Obama is an embarrassment to honesty.  When you peel the onion there are only tears.

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David Lawrence

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