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Islam Law

Texas Mayor takes a Stand Against Sharia Law – Tells Muslims to “Respect,” “Obey,” and “Embrace” Texas Law

Muslims in the city of Irving, Texas are up in arms over a recently passed city ordinance that affirms a bill that is moving through the Texas state House. The bill is mostly symbolic and simply states that US and Texas law supersedes any other system of law that some might endeavor to use. The local Muslim community says that the law is aimed at them and reinforces Islamophobia and hatred against the Muslim community.

But the mayor of Irving isn’t backing down. During a town hall meeting that saw a packed house, the mayor told those concerned Muslims that the bill did not mention Islam, Sharia or any religion whatsoever. She went on to encourage the Muslim community to “respect,” “obey” and “embrace” Texas and American laws.



This message needs to ring out loud and clear to every Muslim community across America. Sharia law has been insidiously creeping into Western laws and culture over the last decade or so, and it is already playing havoc in local communities in Britain and Canada. While the Texas bill (and the city ordinance affirming the bill) may indeed be targeted at Sharia law – it is in no way a cause of or encouragement of Islamophobia. It is simply the restating of what should be simple logic. A nation, state or even a locality cannot serve two different sets of laws. It is impossible. Sharia cannot be allowed even the slightest of footholds in our nation… not because it is of Muslim origin, but because it runs counter to the laws and traditions of our nation, our government and our people.

We must with one voice say “no” to Sharia law. “No” to any attempt by any foreign power to introduce a new standard of law into our nation by any means other than what is laid out in our constitution. If Muslim America wants Sharia Law, then they should elect enough representatives into the legislature to amend our Constitution and change the laws properly. Otherwise, as the mayor of Irving says:

Respect, Obey and Embrace our laws… or leave.

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