A Self-Reliant, Self-Sufficient America is a Safe and Secure America

As a young schoolboy I clearly recall historians refer to the early years of the 20th Century, prior to World War I, as “The Good Old Days”. Given that those 12-15 years were a time of peace, relative prosperity, boundless optimism, and our nation emerging as the most powerful and bountiful nation on Earth, the euphemism appears to fit.

However; this writer looks back on the years from 1946-1950, following successful weathering of our Great Depression and victory in World War II, but prior to the unfortunate conflict in Korea.

In 1950, the United States of America was, overwhelmingly, the greatest and most powerful nation in world history. The nation’s economy was prosperous, and compared to the rest of the world, staggeringly. In 1950, the vast majority of the world’s automobiles, televisions, aircraft, major consumer appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers-were in the United States.

Our military forces in 1950 were so powerful, that should America have been attacked and declared war upon by the entire world, we very likely would have defeated all comers.  World supremacy of America in 1950 was an understatement. Yet we were at peace (until June 25 ) our optimism boundless, and our charity and compassion for the nation’s and people’s left in poverty and misery by the destruction of the Second World War, was the stuff of legends. How unfortunate that our erstwhile allies in Europe and elsewhere seem to be unaware of the Marshall Plan.

Our American Exceptionalism is being questioned today, even denied; our own President denies it. Nevertheless, any reasonably educated and honest individual who either learned or experienced World War II, the Marshall Plan through which war ravaged Europe was rebuilt with American money, ingenuity and compassion, knows that “American Exceptionalism” was, and is, very real.

One of the extraordinary facts contributing to American Exceptionalism and this nation becoming the most powerful and prosperous in World History was the Divine Blessing of extraordinary natural resources. America FallingThese resources, including fresh water, long great navigable rivers, vast forests, hundreds of millions of acres of fertile land for agriculture, and mineral resources from the ground so vast, that they are still being discovered to this very day. Couple these Blessings of extraordinary natural resources with the equally extraordinary Blessing of Divinely inspired Founding Fathers who, with God’s Grace created a government of, by and for the people-and there was, for more than a 150 years, seemingly no limits to what the American people could, and did, accomplish. A third part of American Exceptionalism was her people; mostly Christian and “God Fearing”, ruggedly optimistic, adventurous, risk-taking, resilient-and compassionate.

America has been exceptional also, in that we as a nation have been extraordinarily generous to the suffering and misfortunate around the world, almost from the beginning, but especially in the past century.

For the majority of our history, until at least the early 20th Century, enabled by our self-reliant, rugged individualist national character, which was in turn enabled by limited government that allowed Americans to pursue happiness, life and liberty under the checks and balances of a Democratic Republic, America as a nation was, like its citizens, self-reliant and self-sufficient.

The American people controlled our government, and firmly kept it in check, serving the interests and will of the electorate, performing the essential services of military defense, enacting necessary law, and dispensing true justice. It is of compelling importance to point out as well, the extraordinary character of our leaders in those earlier times. They were more statesmen than politicians, and viewed high office as public service, rather than opportunities to wield power and authority. Our leaders and statesmen of the past would have found defiance of the Constitution and the Separation of Powers unthinkable. Consequently, beyond those strict limits, of “he who governs least, governs best”, Americans were free, and government left us alone to pursue our hopes and dreams.

We are all too painfully aware of how far America has fallen in the past 65 years since 1950. We must soberly acknowledge how deeply divided we now are as a people, and how rapidly our religious, political, economic, military and social mores and institutions are disintegrating. What must be acknowledged first and foremost however, is the astonishing decline of both individual and national self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Only a few decades ago, at mid-century, America possessed unrivaled manufacturing capacity, agricultural productivity unrivaled anywhere in the world, inventions and creativity so boundless that ” American Know-How ” was a worldwide catch phrase. Furthermore, our natural resources God Blessed America with were in such abundance, that our self-reliant national character combined with this abundance and production capacity, made America, already the greatest, most powerful nation on Earth, a self-sufficient nation, with little or no need to rely on other nations for products, services or resources. Our awesome array of Blessings as a nation notwithstanding, our self-reliance and self-sufficiency as recently as the 1950s, were the most compelling circumstances of all, that held the key to our continued power, abundance, military might and leadership of the world, well into the 21st Century and beyond. Over the course of the past 60 years, America, sadly, has stumbled and declined in countless ways, particularly during the past 25 years. We have made tragic errors in military misadventures and unnecessary wars, and have not only seriously weakened our military power, but also have neglected the scientific research and innovation that is the lifeblood of military power for national defense. The same America that put astronauts on the moon 45 years ago, now depends on Russian space vehicles to ride into space. The same nation that won World War II in large part because of our unrivaled manufacturing capacity, has, with disgraceful foolishness, allowed our manufacturing industries to shrink drastically over move overseas. Soon America will be making few if any products of our own; most goods will be imported. With what will we pay for those imports, if we have nothing to sell or trade except “services “?

The same nation that became the world’s banker, lending money and rebuilding shattered nations after World War II, and whose exported goods from our factories were the wonder and envy of the world, now imports so much more than we export, that we are drowning in the red ink of our trade deficits. The America that was far wealthier than any other, and was lender to the world, is now borrowing heavily from the Chinese, and dependent generally on borrowing money around the globe, to maintain our wobbly economy and false prosperity.

Even as I write, one sector of our economy that has been frightfully dependent on foreign nations, including potential enemies in the Middle East, is the Energy Industry. With staggeringly abundant reserves of coal, petroleum and natural gas, enjoying an unprecedented boom due to shale deposit fracking, America has the potential and ability to rapidly achieve self-sufficiency in energy resources. But as informed citizens know, the Obama administration is fighting “tooth and nail” to prevent energy self-sufficiency from ever becoming a reality.

The hard truth is, America has become terrifyingly dependent economically since the 1960s, on a multitude of foreign nations, many of which are openly hostile, for a vast array of manufactured goods, energy and other raw materials, precious rare minerals, and, given our poor and foolish lack of foresight and planning, the list may soon include water and agricultural products. At the same time our nation has become economically vulnerable due to having surrendered independence and self-sufficiency for economic dependency, our foolish, short-sighted political leadership has nearly driven our nation into bankruptcy, through the simple, tragic act of far outspending on government beyond the fiscal means from tax revenue, and perennially borrowing the money to cover the ever growing budget deficits. Yet, in spite of the obvious- our national security and well-being in great peril because of unsustainable government borrowing and deficit spending, and equally unsustainable growing dependency on foreign nations for the goods and services that provide our lifestyles-the government just keeps on doing what the late Albert Einstein called “insanity”; doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

In summary; America as a nation, and her people, are already in a state of great peril, due to our disastrous big-government, tax, spend borrow, and economic outsourcing of jobs offshore in the millions, while robbing Americans of millions of other jobs through illegal and legal immigration.

obama sheepWe also are in great peril, because we have an autocratic President hell-bent on becoming a dictator; a court system systematically robbing Americans of their liberties and Constitutional rights and accelerating Mr. Obama’s ruthless drive to enslave our nation; and a shockingly passive, if not complicit, Congress, a majority of whom have betrayed America by their abject failure to stop the ruthless Obama administration. We also are facing a Islamic-friendly and illegal immigration based foreign policy that is throwing our borders wide open to terrorists and Islamic jihadists.

For America to become great once again, we need a governmental Renaissance, in which virtually every current government policy, program and objectives, are literally turned on their heads. Virtually every government office holder or appointee must literally be turned 180 degrees, in the opposite direction, or else booted out of government. America must elect extraordinarily virtuous, world-class statesmen, men and women alike, to turn this foundering nation, on the verge of collapse or civil insurrection, on a trailblazing path to, in Lincoln’s words at Gettysburg, “a new birth of freedom.”

America must have a new President, Congress, Court Justices, Governors, and state and local statesmen-leaders to will immediately act to restore our nation to self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Americans, here for starters, are a few provocative open questions: (1) a key factor in victory in World War II was the awesome power of American industrial production; how can we be safe and secure, when our manufacturing capacity in factories, jobs and production is so drastically reduced? (2) how can Americans enjoy prosperity, with our government allowing and even encouraging high paying manufacturing and high tech jobs to go overseas?  (3) how can we be safe and secure, when President Obama is doing everything in his power, to prevent energy self-sufficiency, leaving America relying on hostile foreign nations for a large share of petroleum energy? (4) how can Americans enjoy prosperity, with the Obama administration hell-bent on allowing millions of illegal immigrants to take jobs from American citizens, and impose higher taxation on American citizens to fund welfare, social security and other, unearned government benefits for illegals?  (5) how can Americans feel safe and secure, when the Obama administration and Congress leaves our borders wide open and unguarded, allowing millions of illegals to enter without screening, most in poverty, lacking job skills, carrying dangerous diseases, poised to drain billions from taxpayers in welfare benefits, and allowing Muslim immigrants, both legal and illegal, to fill our country with jihadists and terrorists?

America must be led by a President, Congress and Judiciary which will enforce the rule of law, restore us to Constitutional liberty and individual freedom, and also return us to individual self- reliance and national self-sufficiency. The laws governing America must reduce the size and power of government, balance the budget and beyond, to create surpluses, enact trade laws designed to restore our manufacturing sector to the awesome production levels of the past, to once again rely on American-made factory goods, enact laws enabling our energy sector, including coal, oil and natural gas, to full speed ahead, to 100% energy self-sufficiency, close the border and reduce immigration, both legal and illegal, to near zero for the indefinite future, and send nearly all 12 million illegals-back where they came from!  We must increase our agricultural production and our fresh water supplies, both of which must be zealously guarded. America must also act quickly to greatly increase the size and power of our armed forces, with ever increasing defensive weapons technology and at least double the number of men and women in uniform. We must restore our military quickly to world supremacy. The Russians, Chinese and yes the Iranians-are watching.

These aforementioned actions alone, will return America to military and industrial power similar to what we enjoyed in 1950, and, together with immigration controls and closed borders, will make Americans safe and secure once again. This will be especially true with leaders boldly willing to use our military power without hesitation against any and all nations who attack or threaten us.

Our end to all foreign immigration, a manufacturing renaissance, and pro-growth, fiscally sound, limited government will create tens of millions of high paying jobs and exponentially expand our middle class. New laws requiring work, proof of sincere job hunting efforts, and severe restrictions on welfare benefits limited to the truly needy and supplemented by private charity, will allow drastic reductions in spending on ” entitlement ” programs. Drastic reductions in wasteful government spending will also come from elimination of the Depts. of Energy, Education, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, the IRS, and the Federal Reserve.

The United States of America will return to full employment and prosperity, manufacture our own goods, eliminate immigration save for special circumstances (no “anchor babies!”), return to fiscal produce with budget surpluses, strict limits on power and size of government, and guard and guarantee every last word in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Special interest groups will be treated as the significant but small and uninfluential minorities that is their rightful place, because the majority culture in America has the democratic right to exercise the majority influence over the religious, cultural, social and political direction of the nation. Multiculturalism as policy and as reality must be permanently ended and replaced by an iron clad policy of assimilation.

All of this change to individual self-reliance and national self-sufficiency, militarily, economically, culturally and socially can be quickly realized, and bring about regeneration of a secure and prosperous America. All that is required, is bold, statesmanlike, honest leadership with political will, and for perhaps a hundred million or thereabouts of spiritually and politically awakened Conservatives, Libertarians and Christians to step forward and  take America forward. Given such a commitment by new American leadership and a newly committed, involved and Patriotic citizenry, we will live in the 21st Century in a strong and exceptional United States of America.

May God truly Bless each of us in our endeavors to fulfill this American Dream.

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About the author

Dale Summitt

Dale Summitt, a passionate writer, public speaker and consultant on public policy, Christian advocacy, education and other issues, is Owner & C.E.O. of Trailblazing America, guardian of America's Christian Faith, Constitution and Bill of Rights, by trailblazing new pathways to Liberty, Justice and Virtue. A veteran career educator and a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian, he is a veteran of the Constitutional Conservative side of the " Culture Wars ", during his long and successful career in teaching and educational leadership in both public and private schools. Battling to preserve morality and high academic standards, Mr. Summitt devoted many years to confronting the dark forces of the radical left who seek to indoctrinate students with liberal and immoral doctrines and threatening to destroy our nation from within.

Mr. Summitt is a " true believer " in the Constitutional principles of limited self-government and the preservation of liberty and freedom enshrined in our Bill of Rights, as well as a firm adherent to a Christian worldview. Believing as a Christian educator and writer that education and intellect is wasted on anyone lacking moral character, he is determined to use his writing abilities to help restore the greatness and Exceptionalism of America and preserve the Judeo-Christian culture that has existed since our nation's founding.

Mr. Summitt resides in a rural area of the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas with his loving wife and family. He is constructing a new website and will soon be back online at www.trailblazingamerica.com.

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