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Obama’s Very Dangerous View on Drugs

Well, Obama has a dangerous view of lots of stuff.  I mean, he actually thinks that Christians and the weather are more of a threat to western civilization than terrorists who say “Death to America.”

But, for now, I just want to focus on his juvenile opinion of drug offenders.

Remember that commercial in the 1980s where the guy held up and egg and said, “This is your brain.”  Then, he cracked the egg in a hot frying pan and the egg started to sizzle and he said, “This is your brain on drugs.  Any questions?”

That is where we were in the war on drugs.  It was popular to understand that drugs were bad and, basically, hippies were the only ones still promoting a drug culture.

Now, one of those hippies is our president.  Pot is being legalized all over the place, people actually believe that it isn’t bad for you and the president says that “non violent” drug dealers should have LIGHTER SENTENCES.  Just to be clear, our president believes that people who sell drugs to YOUR KIDS should have lighter, not harsher, sentences.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that lighter sentences will cause drug pushers to flourish.  Even a pot-smoking hippie could figure that out.

When I was growing up, a family lived at the end of our dirt road in, basically, a shack.  My mom would give the man a ride to work everyday because they didn’t have a car.  He was a hippie and did lots of drugs in the 60s.  He would talk about how he couldn’t remember things that he used to know.  He could really tell that he had fried his brain with those drugs, kinda like that egg.

He died at the age of 56.

Drugs do hurt people, they even kill people.  All drug dealers are “violent” there is no such thing as a drug pusher that is “non violent.”

I am worried that our society is on the brink of being scrambled, just like the egg in that 80s commercial.

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Julie Love is a former CPA who currently home-schools her two children. She earned her MS in Journalism from Ohio University in 2002. She was raised in rural Ohio and now lives in the big city of Cleveland.
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