De Blasio Pays Lip Service to the Broken Windows Theory

During Rudy Giuliani’s reign one of the devices used to fight the fraying fabric of society and criminal behavior was the Broken Windows Theory.

Wilson and Kelling developed it in 1982 and broken windows was used as a metaphor for destruction and chaos in neighborhoods.  The professors posited that minor crimes and chaos lead to more serious crimes.

Ideas like profiling were considered positives to stop crime. Cops did not worry about hurting criminals feelings by arresting them or profiling them.

Failing to mend broken windows is like neglecting to stop and frisk. The administration is less concerned about stopping chaos and gun violence than assuaging criminals’ feelings. Neglecting broken windows and hidden weapons creates an anti-cop milieu rather than an anti-crime ethos.

Does de Blasio look at everything impractically through the prism of racism rather than the microscope of reality?  He pretends that he is interested in quality of life crimes but alienates the police so that they don’t want to make low level arrests.

De Blasio and Bratton want their police force to be “compassionate, respectful and constitutional.”  It sounds like they want the cops to regard the public criminals as part of their group therapy pow wow.

But we don’t have a love problem. We have an increasing crime problem.  You solve crime with force not a kiss.

De Blasio has no values.  Certainly, no American values.  That’s why he considers hurting feelings more important than stopping criminals from killing innocent, good citizens. He could staunch the crimes with paying more attention to broken windows and stop and frisk.

Broken windows,  feeling up girls on the subway, pissing on cars and spitting on parking meters lead to a failure of respect and a farcical tearing apart of civilization.

When you go to a public bathroom and you don’t flush the toilet you turn society and your home city into sh.t.

General administrative sloppiness is a result of the broken windows of failed morality. The subways used to run well under Bloomberg.  Now, every day, I find myself abandoning my subway car due to extensive delays and being forced to spend a lot of money to get a cab to go home.

Trains running on time or on the right track won’t interest de Blasio until there is a crash, people die and he comes late to the funeral.

Well, of course, Big D doesn’t understand civilized behavior. He worked for David Dinkins during the time when hobos used window rags as weapons on windshields.

De Blasio’s broken windows is reminiscent of Obama’s failed Affordable Health Care.  Obama failed to dot the I’s and cross the t’s and left millions without their old policies and doctors. Maybe we should call Obama’s failures broken stethoscopes?

I’m not the kind of person who pays attention to minutiae.  That’s the mayor’s job.  I wish he’d show up somewhere on time.  I wish he’d pay attention to details.

I wish he’d stop looking through broken windows without fixing them.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

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