Will Obama’s Nominee for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, Lose Out?

Is President Obama’s pick for Attorney General Loretta Lynch running at risk of losing the job? It has been four months since the US Attorney from the Southern District of New Yorkwas selected by President Obama to replace his top cop Eric Holder. When Lynch was nominated back in November, it was assumed that she would be sail through the nomination process and be confirmed the 83rd attorney general by mid to late January. Here we sit in mid-March with Lynch in limbo and Holder still occupying the office that he should have long ago vacated. What is holding up the confirmation process? Some point to the support which Lynch professed for President Obama’s executive order on amnesty for illegal immigrants which has placed her all but assured confirmation at risk.

During the hearing, Lynch commented “I believe that the right and the obligation to work is one that’s shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here,” These words were enough for Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) to swiftly proclaim that he would not support her, calling her defense of President Obama’s executive order “troubling,” No doubt Lynch’s confirmation has been hurt by media focus on the lawsuit which 26 states have levied against President Obama’s executive order calling it a violation of the constitution. Loretta LynchThis suit has gained additional traction from an injunction put forward by U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen who successfully halted the first phase of Obama’s amnesty program, delayed deportation applications and work visas for illegal immigrants, with the argument that once you start the amnesty program, you can’t roll it back. The states suing the President are entitled to their due process without the illegal amnesty program happening in parallel.

Lynch’s nomination suffered a blow recently when two GOP senators pulled their support. Senator Bob Corker and Senator Lamar Alexander both of Tennessee have chosen not to back her due to her support of the amnesty program, While I believe Ms. Lynch is an impressive attorney and a committed public servant, nothing revealed during our personal meeting or at her confirmation hearing has assured me that she will be an independent attorney general and refrain from selective enforcement of the law, and therefore I will not be supporting her confirmation.”, Corker remarked. The two Tennessee senators had backed Democrat Eric Holder who won confirmation by a 75-21 vote.

Even Senator Orin Hatch(R-Utah), one of Lynch’s strongest advocates within the GOP now has reservations about her confirmation.  While he says “All I can say is I’m for her”, he does not know if she will get enough votes for confirmation. Lynch only needs 51 votes to be confirmed. In addition to Hatch, Lynch also has the support of Republican senators Susan Collins, of Maine, Jeff Flake, of Arizona, and Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina. If all 46 Democrats vote for her, she will just need 5 Republican votes. However, some Republicans are hoping to convert the Republican yes’s into no’s. John McCain who has close relationship with Lindsey Graham is hoping to convert him to a “no” vote. Democrats are also starting to worry that Lynch may not get the Republican votes needed for passage. Lynch is also falling victim to Senate scheduling conflicts. If the vote on the attorney general will probably be delayed until the Senate returns from recess pushing it out to as late as April 30. Of course, this just means that Eric Holder will still be attorney general for at least another month.

Loretta Lynch was initially described as an attorney general who would be the most acceptable choice to the GOP which the Obama Administration would put forward. However, in the months since her nomination was announced, more evidence of her leftist policies has emerged. In addition to her support of the illegal amnesty program, she is also against voter ID and has demonstrated a complicit approval of the current attorney general Eric Holder’s identity politics within the context of the Garner and Brown lawful shooting incidents. Recently, her nomination has also incited protests from gun owners calling for her to be replaced. Perhaps this is an opportunity for the Obama Administration to select another attorney general nominee, one which will be acceptable to both the Democrats and Republicans, but most importantly a candidate who is willing to stand their ground against the President when warranted. Eric Holder did not profess a willingness to oppose the President when needed. Loretta Lynch has repeatedly said that she is an independent thinker and would make her own decisions. Is that really true? That remains to be seen.

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