In Syria Some of America’s “Allies” Are Monsters

It’s not often when the left and right of the political spectrum agree on an issue. It takes a special kind of incompetence to bring our disparate sides together, and President Barack Obama is the epitome of that special kind. US involvement in Syria is an incredibly unpopular proposal, and yet we have Representatives from both Houses of Congress lining up to stand by the President as he needlessly wastes our resources. To illustrate for you how hopelessly inept this administration is, I thought that I might try to give you some background into who our Syrian “allies” are. Today, we’ll meet one group in particular to show you that some of our Syrian “allies” are monsters. Maybe after getting a good look at just one of them you’ll understand the blatant disregard for logic the White House has had for considering our involvement in the Syrian Civil War.

Meet Mr. Abu Sakkar, founder of the rebel group Omar al-Farouq Brigade. Mr. Sakkar is a leader of one of the factions we are supporting in their war against the Syrian government, and he records this message for his enemies. It’s an effort to win the psychological war against the Syrian government, no doubt, but perhaps it should also be a message to us… by getting involved in the Syrian Civil War we are implicitly condoning this kind of behavior. (A disclaimer – the video below is graphic and is not suitable for all audiences.)

Your eyes do not deceive you. You just watched Mr. Sakkar cut out the heart and liver of a dead Syrian soldier and bite into them. In the video you can hear Abu Sakkar speaking to the cameraman and the cameraman responding… this is a bit of what they said. First, Abu Sakkar explains himself to his enemy, “I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog.” Off screen some cheering can be heard from his helpful rebel friends. Then the cameraman responds, “God bless you, Abu Sakkar, you look like you are drawing [carving] a heart of love on him.”

The President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, is a bad dude. His government and military have killed over a hundred thousand of their own people, and if we believe the President, some of those were killed with sarin gas, which is a horrifying chemical agent. (Though there is some conflict over who actually used the gas.)

terroristrebelAs bad as Assad may be, the rebels are no better. In the rebel camp are groups who are loyal to al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. These are people who would use their energy to attack us, once they’ve beaten Assad’s regime. Among the rebels are more men like Abu Sakkar who have been committing atrocities throughout the Syrian countryside.

This war is not being fought between the good guys and the bad guys, folks. It’s the bad guys vs. the bad guys with some good guys sprinkled around. No matter where or how we intervene, we will be helping the bad guys!

It’s time to cut our losses and step away from the conflict. What is happening in Syria is heart breaking, but any military intervention by the United States will only serve to make us complicit with evil. We must say NO to war in Syria.

(If you have a strong stomach and want to learn more about the many atrocities committed by the Syrian rebels – they’re keeping track at the Libertarian Republic. Warning – it is graphic and not at all for young eyes.)

Tomorrow, i’ll introduce you to a few more of our not so friendly “allies.”


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