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Starbucks, Race Relations and America

“One thing about my baby, it don’t matter if yo black or white,” those are the immortal words of Michael Jackson.  In the early 90s, this was the message – we are all the same, it doesn’t matter if you are black or white.

Just 20 short years later, I was actually sitting next to a liberal who COUNTED the number of minorities in the room.  Um, I thought it didn’t matter.  Isn’t that, like, racist?

If that wasn’t bad enough, in a continuing decline of our moral fiber, Starbucks has come out with a puzzling policy.  Baristas can now, if they decide to be racist, write “#racetogether” on customers’ cups.  This gesture is supposed to open the discussion on race.



Is that the most ridiculous and racist thing that you have ever heard?

According to the Christian Science Monitor: “When did you first become aware of your race?” is one question a barista might ask a patron who is interested in starting one of these free-range “organic dialogues,” according to Starbucks’ spokesperson Linda Mills, in a phone interview.

Here is an idea, let’s not mention it all the time.  Let’s remember that we are all equal and stop talking about race.

I heard in a sermon once that Robert E. Lee said that the ground is all level beneath the cross.  Of course, this means that everyone is equal in Christ’s sight.

I was talking to a father at pick-up at school yesterday.  As we were talking, he kept saying, “God is so good!”  His color vanished in my sight.  I will never think of him as a black person ever again, only as a fellow child of God.

And, never once when I talk to him or anyone else will I ever think about any baristas at Starbuck’s.

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