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Reverend Graham says ‘We’re Losing our Country… The Foundations of this Country are Collapsing’


The Reverend Franklin Graham (son of famed evangelist Billy Graham and famous crusader in his own right) was recently giving an interview on Tony Perkins’ radio show, Washington Watch, about the persecution of Christians around the world, when he said something that many conservative Christians have likely thought as well.

Today, we are losing morally our nation, and the foundations of this country are collapsing and falling apart.

He wasn’t just speaking about the “moral decline” of our country; he was focusing more on what our silence in the face of moral decay is leading to. Specifically, it’s leading to the persecution and marginalization of Christians and Christianity – both here in America, and in the world at large.

Host Tony Perkins does well to point out that as believers we often desire to remain at peace with those around us, which leads us to stay silent on controversial or hard issues. However, instead of helping, this response may well be a reason of our current problems. Because we have chosen to remain silent, our voices are not heard collectively and those who do stand up are losing the fight, simply because they are overwhelmed by their opponents. The point is, that while we should want good relations with our neighbors, at the end of the day… some things are worth fight for and should be fought for.



We cannot be silent any longer! You know, I have people come up to me and they say, ‘Franklin, your father would not be speaking out like this.’ And my answer to them is to say, when my father went to school, the Ten Commandments were still on the wall. When my father went to school, the teacher led the whole classroom in the Lord’s Prayer. The country that we’re living in today is not the same as when my father grew up. It’s a different day, it’s a different century, and we have a whole different, new set of issues in front of us. And what we’re doing today is we’re losing our country.

My father wasn’t worried about losing our country when he was growing up. That wasn’t the issue. Today, we are losing morally our nation, and the foundations of this country are collapsing and falling apart. We better stand up, and we better speak up, and we start getting Christians to run [for political office] and voting for those Christians that run.”

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