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GOP “Traitors”? Even Democrats think Obama Should be Going through Congress to Deal with Iran!

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) is a liberal Democrat from Virginia, and on Sunday he blew up the idea that President Obama could simply negotiate a deal with Iran while leaving Congress out of the loop.

However, let’s be realistic here. The deal that is being negotiated with Iran is about what will Iran do to get out from other congressional sanctions.

And so it is unrealistic to think that Congress is not going to be involved in looking at a final deal. I am a pro-diplomacy senator. And I supported the negotiations to this point. But any deal that touches upon the congressional statutory sanctions is going to get a review of Congress. And the only question is, are you going to have a constructive, deliberate, bipartisan process, or are you going to be rushed and partisan?



Senator Kaine gets a few digs in at the republicans here, but if he’s right in what he is saying, then the real bad guy is the President! Think about it. The Senate GOP letter last week came as a response to President Obama’s continued insistence to go it alone and do his own thing in the negotiations with Iran. Congress has repeatedly sent word to the President that they did not agree with the direction that the negotiations were moving, or with the concessions being made to the Iranians. Instead of stopping to listen to their concerns, or even sitting down to work through the problems with Congress, Obama essentially thumbed his nose at Congress and said he could do this deal on his own.

So my question for Senator Kaine is, if the GOP letter last week showed an ‘unacceptable level of contempt’ what could the GOP have done to show an acceptable level of contempt for a President who doesn’t care about the opinions of Congress or the people who elected them?

The letter to Iran was a last-ditch effort by the GOP to get the Obama administration to wake up! We are a constitutional republic, and it’s the job of all three branches to work WITH each other to change things–it’s not the place of one branch to lord over the others.

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