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James Carville *Almost* Comes to Hillary Clinton’s Rescue!

Remember when we learned that Bill Clinton checked poll numbers before making any decisions? Just 20 short years ago, we were horrified by this effort to “politicize” everything.

Now, not only does Obama not care what the American people mandated in their votes, he couldn’t care less about polls.  And, in what can only be described as complete irony, he does whatever he wants without any regard to the polls at all.  He doesn’t care about the will of the American people.  Period.

Every single time that Democrats are caught in a major scandal, they just poo-poo it away.  They say that it is all “politicizing” by Republicans.

See what they did there?  They literally invented politicizing, do it on everything, and then turn around and blame us for it.

CarvilleThat leads me to James Carville, who was dispatched this weekend to all of the shows to be Hillary Clinton’s mush-mouthed savior.

He boldly (and snarkily) declared that Clinton could use a separate server because, you know, she didn’t want Republicans “snooping” in her private stuff.  He went on to lament that Republicans have been witch-hunting Clinton for scandal after scandal for 20 years and nothing has ever come of it.

Um, I am pretty sure that Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives.  Call me crazy, seriously, go ahead, right there at the bottom.

Democratic talking heads have solidified around the main talking point, “everyone uses separate email, so it is ok.”  How will they ever get away with all of this stuff if a Republican president is ever elected again?

Oh, yeah, the complacent media.  Put away the Pulitzers, investigative journalism isn’t actually dead.  It is on life support and the mainstream media has simply signed the “do not resuscitate” order.

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