Matt Drudge Finally Gets it, How About You?

Matt Drudge, the famous creator of the utilitarian news aggregation site, THE DRUDGE REPORT, has had his finger on the pulse of the conservative movement for years. Though he has never been exactly a “Republican party player,” you could almost always count on him to at least side against the Democratic party.

But yesterday, this strange post came up on his facebook:

It’s now Authoritarian vs. Libertarian. Since Democrats vs. Republicans has been obliterated, no real difference between parties…

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Why would anyone vote Republican? Please give reason. Raised taxes; marching us off to war again; approved more NSA snooping. WHO ARE THEY?!

To most of us, what he’s saying is no revelation. But for Matt Drudge to say it—that really is something. Whether he is displaying actual and irremediable disillusionment with the Republican party or just temporary frustration because of all the ways Republicans have lately let us down, his wholesale pronouncement indicates a larger shift in the mainstream conservative movement.

Most people, like Drudge, are done with the Republican and the Democratic Parties. We are tired of being lied to, tired of being robbed blind, tired of being internationally despised, tired of being spied on, tired of everything. More and more of us are ready to throw out the whole thing and start from scratch. For many years, the difference between Republicans and Democrats has been dwindling. That difference is basically nil now. Drudge sees it finally. Many others are finally seeing it too. But what can we do about it now?

What is there to do? I think Drudge’s disillusionment (and ours) goes deeper than just our choice of political party. I think Americans have lost any hope that the political process can work to make a difference. This goes for both sides of the aisle. Republicans like to talk about how Obama supporters will stick with him no matter what—that it doesn’t matter how bad things get, they’ll still be willing to blame everything on Republicans. But Democrats like to talk about the same thing—only reversed. We voted for eight years of the W. And if your first thought is, “Well, he was better than Obama!” you have only proved my point. We have all been so effectively brainwashed into being pawns for the two-party seesaw mechanism. For years, we have vehemently defended our party of choice from detractors in spite of the growing, even obvious, fact that there really wasn’t a detectable difference between the two. The Maverick that ran against Obama a few years ago is now in Obama’s pocket. But he never wasn’t. He was just playing a part, and we believed it.

But we’re not believing it anymore, right? If the overwhelming public outcry means anything, people may actually be ready to flush the two-party system. The two-party power brokers are going to scream ’til they’re blue and red in the states that we’re wasting our vote if we vote third party. That’s false. If we all vote third party, none of us will be wasting a vote. But it’s time for Drudge and people like him—the mainstream conservative—to stop whining about our political catastrophe and start doing something about it.

Come next election season, the politicians will all have righted their masks and touched up their make up. Will we still see the truths about them we saw today? Will Drudge still get it? Will you?

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Michael Minkoff writes, edits, and typesets from his office in Powder Springs, Georgia. He honestly does not prefer writing about politics, but he sincerely hopes you enjoy reading about it. He also wonders why he is typing this in the third person.

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