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Just When You Lost All Hope for America

There are so many problems with the government take-over of our lives.  But, something you may not have thought about is how government intervention affects our giving.

In a government-controlled society, the government takes as it sees fit in the form of high taxes.  The government then doles out the resources (remaining after taking out the huge government cut) to those it sees fit.

Because taxes are so high, people don’t have enough money to give to charities as THEY see fit.  They may want to give, but can’t.  The government takes all of the excess in the form of high taxes.

Rich liberals love this.  They pay higher taxes, feel good about themselves and then go to Spago.

But, what about the rest of us?  How can we, when we are being squeezed by the government in every possible way, still do something good for those around us?

Today I heard the story of Linda Justin.*  Linda and her husband, Bill Beckim, saw something wrong in their community and wanted to do something about it.  Their town of Rutland, Vermont has a huge heroin problem.  Linda decided that she couldn’t wait for a government solution and took matters into her own hands.



She and Bill started delivering food to the grittiest neighborhood every Sunday.  She just picked a block and they started delivering beef stew.  Nothing would deter her.  One resident said that Linda’s brand of home-style help is just what he needed, “a kick in the pants.”

Can you imagine any law getting through our government if it was called “kick in the pants” legislation?

The Rutland chief of police calls Linda’s work “almost magical.”  Captain Scott Tucker called her a “faith healer.”

Linda even ended her real estate business, cashed in her 401k and purchased a bar which she has converted into a community center.  It is now called “The Dream Center.”

See, Linda believes that everyone is equal.  She doesn’t see that someone is less and so they deserve a government handout.  She sees that everyone is the same and with a hand UP not a hand OUT, a dose of love, some stew and a swift kick in the booty, real change can happen in people’s lives.

Linda would like to see every block in Rutland adopted.  All drugs and drug related activity ARE GONE from the block where Linda does her work.

No one will mess with her.  She isn’t giving out government checks, she is giving out real hope and change, one hug at a time.

(*on “My America” with Elisabeth Hasselback)

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