Chivalry is Dead and People Just Don’t Like Hillary Clinton!

While we were all watching Hillary’s email the world just kept right on crumbling around us.

Have you heard of “benevolent sexism?”  Well, it is now a thing.

According to researchers at Northeastern University, “Benevolent sexism asserts men’s power through paternalistic affection rather than dominance, and these affectionate behaviors may be insidious because they are not necessarily negative on the surface.”

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We currently have a group of men raping, mutilating, beating and torturing women storming across the world.  Do liberals complain?  Nope, not one peep out of elite, liberal feminists.  They are too PC.

Christian men are taught to love and cherish their wives with tenderness.  “Husbands should love their wives as they do their own bodies.  He who loves his wife loves himself.” Ephesians 5:28

So, as we embrace terrorists, we have to also convict the kindness and politeness that gentlemen have been taught for generations in western society.

Let’s look at this practically.  When I am approaching a door and am holding lots of stuff in my arms and a man holds the door open for me, I appreciate it.  I don’t think, as department of psychology researchers Jin X. Goh and Judith A. Hall assert, that this action makes me “warm yet incompetent.”

This study is an affront to all of western society.  Gentlemen are just that, gentle and kind to women.  This is a good thing, people.

I think that we have seen the alternative in ISIS.  Does anybody really want to go there?

All of this liberal PC ridiculousness does explain one thing…

Bill CLinton MemeRemember when Bill Clinton was president?  Who could forget.  I understand that Bill was extremely charismatic.  He made people feel special.  He genuinely liked talking to reporters.  I remember hearing that when you talked to Bill Clinton, he made you feel like you were the only person in the world.

That explains a lot about his limitless supply of willing girlfriends.  But, the bottom line is, people liked him.

They didn’t care that he was a gross male chauvinist who took advantage of any girl within reach, but…

It really isn’t like that with Hillary.  She is snobby, not nice to people.  She has been so wealthy, so out of touch with reality for so long.  She truly believes that rules are for other, little people, not for her.

In short, people don’t like her.  And, do you blame them?  The snarky look on her face during her press conference was painful to watch.  She never looked up, she never really fully opened her eyes during her press blunder-fest.  It was hard, cringe-worthy.

And, so, that is why even hard-line liberals are criticizing her.  That is why some liberal commentators are even actually upset about her breaking the law.

That is why she isn’t getting the unconditional cover up which has been applied to every Obama scandal – she isn’t nice and people just don’t like her.

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