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Illegal Immigration Taxes

What in the World? Tax Refunds for Illegal Aliens?

Seriously, can it get any worse?  Obama’s illegal executive-overreach amnesty is going to have yet another devastating consequence.

Tax refunds for illegal aliens.

Yup, you heard that right.  To the tune of 2 BILLION dollars, those here among us illegally may be rewarded, yet again, for breaking the law.



Filers (this includes you) can refile up to three years of tax returns, if they want to.  Now that illegal aliens are allowed to stay and are being welcome, open-armed, into the workforce, they can go back and refile for three years, too!

So, illegal aliens can go to the IRS office, see if they will get any money back and then file, if they so choose.  Isn’t that nice?  If they don’t get any extra money back, they can choose to then not refile.

Are you getting any choices on whether or not you file your tax returns?  Are you allowed to break the law and then get an executive pardon for it?  Are you getting any extra money back from the US government?

I didn’t think so.

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