When Trying to Save the Country from Disaster Gets Called Treason

The Congress Wrote Iran a Letter


Forty-seven members of Congress walk down the path of saving America from irresponsible narcissism by writing to Iran that the President cannot consummate an agreement with them without Congress. Democrats complain that the Republicans are traitors.  Since when does saving us and Israel from nuclear attack by Iran become treason?

Treason, thy name is Obama dealing with issues that he doesn’t comprehend.  Like his wanting to revamp health care and destroying it through lies. Like his wanting to do something so large that he shrinks our stature in the world.

Republicans realize that Obama doesn’t have a clue about foreign affairs, that his immature easing of sanctions on Iran is an invitation to their dance of nuclear weapons in a hoe down of radiation above our heads.

Obama is outraged. He wants to seem right even when he is wrong.  He wants to seem responsible when he is walking down the failed path of the liberalism into a mushroom cloud of irresponsibility. He doesn’t want Congress revealing to Iran that he has no authority to make a permanent treaty.

So Senator Tom Cotton and 46 senators are trying to save us from Obama’s capitulation and to remind Iran that Obama does not have the authority to consummate negotiations with them. Their letter says that, “Anything not approved by Congress is a mere executive agreement.” And it could be revoked by future Congresses.

Iran-nuclearThe Republican revolt is about stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. They want Iran’s leaders to understand that Congress will not accept any deal that gives them a future path to a bomb.

The Congress is trying to stop Iran from ever getting a bomb.   Obama, while facilitating their ultimate nuclear power, accuses Congress of “wanting to make common cause with the hardliners in Iran.”  As if Congress rather than Obama is capitulating to the Iranians.

Obama thinks that saying so makes it so.   But his accusations rebound on his own rhetorical intentions.

Obama is more interested in divisive race relations than he is in the extermination of the race of all of mankind by nuclear annihilation.

Cotton accuses Obama of bending over backwards to concede to the Iranians.  Somewhat asinine of our President, I’d say.  Obama’s assault is self-surrender.

Pasty faced Joe Biden steps once again on his own tongue with his clown feet and accuses Cotton of “trying to undermine a sitting president in the midst of sensitive negotiations.” But Biden fails to realize that Republicans can’t undermine a President whose failures are buried throughout the corpses in Syria and Iraq.

Biden accuses Cotton of losing the Senate’s dignity but Obama is chow-hounding his own indignity. His mouth is stuffed with rhetoric and lies.

And speaking of dignity, do you remember Biden acting like a clown during his debate with Ryan?  Bozo, the fake politician. His stupid laughter was anything but dignified.

Cotton dismisses Biden’s criticism: “If Joe Biden so respects the dignity of the institution of the Senate, he should be insisting that the President submit any deal to approval of the Senate, which is exactly what he did on numerous deals during his time in the Senate.”

Biden and Obama make fun of Cotton for wanting “complete nuclear disarmament by Iran.” Would they rather that we are the next Nagasaki or Hiroshima?  This is serious stuff.  We should not let the Circus of Democrats perform under the Big Top.

Spokesman Josh Earnest says that Cotton is trying to undermine “the president’s ability to conduct foreign policy and advance our national security interests around the globe.”

The President has shown no ability to conduct foreign policy and enjoys his golf after American heads like Foley’s roll.

The President is inept.  He should be impeached but if not he should be forced to cooperate with Congress when he is dealing with something as serious as nuclear weapons in the hands of rogue nations.

I don’t want to view the destruction of Israel and remind myself that I was right when I predicted seven years ago that Obama would be responsible for it.

I don’t want my son to say that Obama’s initial failures led to America’s demise.  Will his millions of sycophants ever recognize their responsibility at the ballot box?  Will they stick with him to the bitter end of nuclear explosion?

The bomb falls.  Pop goes the weasel.  But no, he is hidden in his private bunker complaining to his family that he no longer presides over a race of living people so that he can no longer interfere with their relations.

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David Lawrence

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