Freeing Gays from Liberal Enthusiasm

If a man loves a man and not a woman then he is rowboat nudging other rowboats but failing to ever find the erotic Caribbean beaches on shore.

There is no same-sex marriage in the Bible.  I am no big fan of the Bible.  But I believe in the attraction of the sexes to each other. It is not a religious thing.  It is a thing of nature, the beauty of opposites attracting, the love of magnets pulling from opposite poles.

Same sex marriage has never been legal until now.  That’s because there is no gayness in gayness and perversion is the tearful onion wrapped in guilt.

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If I were gay I would hate myself, not be prideful.  What’s wrong with that?  What’s the boastfulness of gay pride?  Shame on you, shame on me.  I wear guilt like a banner in many areas because I am a flag of mortality.  I die like a comet.  I am part of the universe of death.  Let shame be the gay clover.  I am not gay but I am four leaves of despair. Fear of self-hatred is fear of the sadness of the universe.  Wrongness can have its own sense of affectionate rightness.

Dignity, thy name is heterosexual love.  Women knock me out like beauty’s uppercut.  I rise into their orbit like a displaced planet.  If you are a man who can’t love a woman you are a footstep that has evaporated before its plant.

There is nothing as corny as two men marrying each other.  That is about as a cool as a Sterno Stove.  If they could laugh at themselves they might be more loving.  Enough of uptight anal-retentive gays. Their squeaky voices rub against the blackboard of the universe like the chalk of failure to love women.  I am surprised women aren’t insulted.  Yet they like gays.  Their competition.  Their borrowed dresses.

Men marrying men is not illogical.  But there is nothing logical about love.  Men loving women is a fireworks show in Venice where I held my fiancé’s hand and knew that we were part of the universe not a descent to perversion. We were so much in love because we were what we were and not trying to be something other than what we were.

It’s not so much that marriage between men and women is the key to a stable society but that men-women marriage is the aesthetic balloon of historical kisses.

Gays think that “civil unions” which package their benefits are not enough.  They are usually liberals who believe in diversity but can’t accept being different. Shame is an emotion not a condemnation.  They do not want to hang their heads but to kill off traditional society.

Change is the failed impetus of the Obama rule.  To change marriage is fool’s gold.  It cheapens the universe. It’s panning for myopia.  It is blind liberalism.

Same sex marriage is ugly. If you can’t see that you can’t see.  You walk down blind streets with a Seeing Eye dog making up logical reasons to defend a twisted emotion. It is not immoral as much as it is unaesthetic.

I like gay men.  I do not like their behavior– not because it is wrong but because I am allergic to same sex.   I would assume that gays break out in a rash around heterosexual sex.  I resent being called homophobic for my tastes.  I regret being knifed in the back by the gay mafia for not liking what I don’t like.

It is a normal biological reaction to twitch at the thought of gay sex. There are many things that I am phobic towards.  I once saw two heterosexual donkeys having sex in Tunisia and I had to avert my eyes.  When I stepped in dog crap I wanted to throw my shoes out.  When I put my hand on a booger on a banister I wanted to puke.

Truth is not an ideological insistence by the left wing.  It’s only by facing the truth that we can adjust to the reality of things we don’t cherish.  Even if we feel it is generously kind to accept same sex initiatives and marriage, it does not agree with our DNA.  Gay people’s insistence on our joyous acceptance will end in their exacerbating the prejudice against them. Liberals are hurting them by supporting them for the wrong reasons.

I am not liberal phobic.  I just disagree.  Without free speech you have Muslims shooting  cartoonists in their heads.

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David Lawrence

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