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Hey Hillary – You’ve Got Mail!

Well, the Hillary Clinton email scandal isn’t going away, yet.  I guess it is hard to claim complete ignorance when you set up a separate server at your house and then used it exclusively to conduct all state department business.

It is pretty embarrassing, considering she absolutely slammed the Bush Administration for using secret email accounts.  That is another story, but it pales in comparison to what Clinton did.

Clinton’s pathetic tweet about having “state” release her email was a load of bunk.  “State” doesn’t have her emails, SHE has the emails.  The only emails that the government has are the ones that she gave them.  Even a dum-dum like me can figure it out.  I am betting that lots of techie millennials can figure stuff like that out, too.

hillary squishIn the week since the whole email scandal hit the airwaves, I have heard numerous liberal talking heads just poo-poo the whole thing.  They say it isn’t any big deal, everybody does it, etc.

Are they serious?  If a Republican went to those lengths to hide all correspondence, they would be destroyed by the liberal media.

I hear a whole lot that the Clintons play by their own rules.  Um, yeah, they do.  The Clintons definitely think that they live by a different set of standards and that the rules for, you know, the rest of us don’t apply to them.  So, how can you run a presidential campaign as a champion of the little guy when everyone knows that you play by your own rules and don’t care at all about anybody else?

And, talk about making up rules, what about the Obama’s?!?  Who would have ever thought that someone would became a “constitutional lawyer” in order to dismantle it with surgical precision.

The Clinton scandal doesn’t seem to be going away.  I am still interested to see if it will have any real impact on Hillary’s presidential ambitions.

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