16 Liberal Hypocrite Companies that Won’t Do Business with Conservatives but Operate in Countries that Oppress their Citizens

As the debate over balancing the desires of transgender Americans (about .3% of our population) with the rights of the vast majority of Americans (the other 99.7% of us) has raged, many prominent liberal voices have been raised in attack on those with more traditional beliefs. For example, when the states of Texas and North Carolina chose to stand against the city councils of Houston and Charlotte who tried to force their citizens into “genderless” bathrooms, liberals in the media and in corporate America objected. When Mississippi, Indiana, Georgia, and other states considered or passed laws protecting the religious liberty of their citizens, these same voices raised more objections.

Liberals argued that the religious rights of some Americans to believe and practice as they see fit (without hurting others) was not as important as the desire for the transgendered to be happy with where they defecate.

In fact, these liberals were so strident that many of them promised to boycott these conservative “bigots” if they chose to protect religious freedom. It is here that a famous line from the writings of the bard rings true – these companies “doth protest too much, methinks.” These companies (and many of their liberal friends) are hypocrites — liars who make much of their disgust when speaking about conservatives worrying about religious freedom, but stay silent about their friends in Saudi Arabia who go around pushing gay people off of buildings.

Now our good friend Warner Todd Huston has compiled a list of 16 of the worst offenders. These are businesses who complain and threaten conservatives in America for our beliefs, while choosing to do business in countries with terrible human rights records. Here are the 16 major hypocrites Huston points out:

  1. Unilever
  2. Microsoft
  3. Intel
  4. Live Nation
  5. The Weinstein Co.
  6. AMC Networks Inc.
  7. Time Warner
  8. The Walt Disney Co.
  9. General Electric Co.
  10. The Coca-Cola Co.
  11. PayPal
  12. Salesforce
  13. Apple Inc.
  14. The National Basketball Association
  15. Netflix
  16. Sony

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  1. Unilever:

Unilever CEO Paul Polman tweeted that many businesses would boycott Georgia if its HB 757 religious liberty bill were signed by the governor:

The multinational corporation earned top marks by the Human Rights Campaign, one of the nation’s most influential gay rights groups, in what it calls its 2016 Corporate Equality Index for LGBT Workplace Equality.

However, Unilever North Africa Middle East has production facilities in countries such as Tunisia and Algeria. A 2015 report by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association indicates that those countries make homosexual activity illegal.

Unilever did not respond to The Daily Signal’s request for comment.


  1. Microsoft

Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith tweeted that he supported opposition to Georgia’s HB 757.

The tech giant complies with government search engine censorship policies in China, according to Human Rights Watch. Microsoft and other search engine companies argue that just by operating within the borders of the communist state, they make China freer.

A corporate document describes freedom of expression as a fundamental right, but states “restrictions on free expression and privacy should only be imposed where necessary, narrowly tailored and provided for by law—and we are opposed to restrictions on peaceful political expression.”

Intel has partnered with the Vietnamese government to develop education, environment, and “digital inclusion programs.” Human Rights Watch describesVietnam as a one-party communist state that “bans all independent political parties, labor unions, and human rights organizations.”

Like Microsoft, Intel says it bases its human rights policies on United Nations standards to “avoid complicity in human right violations related to our own operations, our supply chain, and our products.”

Intel did not respond to The Daily Signal’s request for comment.


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