GOP Motto – Let’s Beat Ourselves

I will admit to being a conservative before I am a Republican. There are Republicans that I simply cannot support because of their liberal positions on various issues. Let me provide you with an example: Scott Brown (R-MA). Scott Brown was the “tea party” candidate of Massachusetts and he was one of the most liberal Republican votes during his time in the Senate. I was happy to see him win in Massachusetts, but I could never cast a vote for him myself… he’s just too liberal.

I get emails fairly often telling me that I am what is wrong with the Republican Party. I am too conservative, too rigid, and too harsh on members of my own party. Supporters of John McCain (R-AZ) seem to be the most offended as they feel I am personally attacking the man. I would say this clearly to anyone who asks: I never want to personally attack anyone whether Republican or Democrat (unless they have personal moral failings which must be addressed)… I think John McCain is a hero and has tried to serve his country to the best of his ability.

However, I think John McCain is too liberal on fiscal issues, too ready to cast aside our rights when it comes to fighting terrorism, and too much of a Hawk on foreign policy. I disagree with him… a lot. Syria is showing my divide with his group (Lindsey Graham, Richard Burr, and my Senators Johnny Isakson, and Saxby Chambliss).

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I see a pattern developing on some of the most important issues of our day, and it’s not good. It seems that recently the GOP motto has been, let’s beat ourselves. Let me go through just a few BIG examples. On Obamacare, the conservatives are working hard to defund it, but the moderate wing of the Party calls the effort to defund “the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.” On illegal immigration, conservatives are dead set against amnesty, yet the moderate wing of the Party is fighting to pass the Gang of Eight Immigration reform package that gives amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens. On the use of drones to kill American citizens on American soil, several prominent Republicans stood against President Obama and rallied the nation against him (Conservatives and Liberals), but a few moderate Republicans called them “whacko birds.” In the fight to get the budget under control conservatives have fought tooth and nail to stop the debt ceiling from being raised (yet again), but the moderates in the party made them out as the bad guys for blocking a bad budget.

Syria is just the latest example of Party infighting losing us another opportunity.

There is no reason for the United States of America to respond to actions taking place inside of Syria during a Civil War. If a war crime has been committed then the United Nations should step in and see that justice is done, but we are not the world’s police force nor do we have the means to be. Why should we intervene here and not in Sudan or any other war torn area where atrocities are being committed?

Yet for some reason, we have a group of war hawk Republicans and a group of subservient Democrats (Harry Reid (D-NV), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and more who would like to see us in Damascus tomorrow! Lindsey Graham made this telling statement recently to CNN, “We don’t want endless war,” Graham said. “We want sustainable security. Syria is a cancer that’s growing in the region, and for two years the president has allowed this to become, quite frankly, a debacle.” Graham’s contention is that Syria is destabilizing the region – which is the same contention that was made about Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and has been said about Iran. In fact, as Iran moves ever closer to nuclear capabilities, does anyone doubt that Lindsey Graham will soon be standing in the Senate to demand war with Iran because they are “a cancer that’s growing in the region?” In fact Graham has already announced his intentions to do so“If nothing changes in Iran, come September, October, I will present a resolution that will authorize the use of military force to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb… The only way to convince Iran to halt their nuclear program is to make it clear that we will take it out,” Graham said.

It seems that “endless war” may be exactly what Senator Graham wants.

GOP winsThe Republican Party has a golden opportunity here in the Syria debate to retool and prepare for the next few years. The country is tired of war and most Americans would rather not engage Syria. The Party should be standing up and saying we must first fix our own problems before entertaining the idea of trying to fix the problems of other nations. The President has dithered on the issue of Syria for months and with his pronouncement of a “red-line” has made the mistake of writing a check he couldn’t cash — and the Republicans should take advantage. Our Party could strike a powerful blow to his credibility by simply standing against him on the Syria issue, but it seems we will lose our opportunity.

We have been letting our opportunities to support conservative principles and prove to voters that our values and ideas work because of the “moderate” wing. I see this pattern of “self-defeat” developing on some of the most important issues of our day, and we are constantly on the losing end of the cycle. I hold no personal animosity towards the RINO establishment wing of the GOP, but I believe they are hurting us as a party. I believe their ideas are old and stale and have been proven to not work. We have not seen conservative government in decades, and it’s way past time that we do something about that.


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