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VP Biden Calls Climate Change Skeptics ‘Close to Mindless’

In an interview for an upcoming episode of HBO’s VICE, the Vice President is asked about climate change and the political football that the environmental issue has become. VP Joe Biden said that Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and others like him who believe that humans play limited to no role in global climate change were ‘close to mindless.’

The interviewer asked VP Biden what he thought about ‘climate deniers,’ playing a video of Senator Inhofe decrying global warming alarmism. “The Senate Commission for the Environment now has a senator whose saying that global warming is the biggest hoax to have been perpetrated.”

Biden’s response is provocative, to say the least: “I think it’s close to mindless. I mean, I think it’s almost like denying gravity now. I mean, wait a minute, come on! You know the willing suspension of disbelief can only be sustained for so long. The expression my dad used to use was ‘reality has a way of intruding,. It’s intruding in a big way, and people are beginning to fully understand in particular. Look what Superstorm Sandy did right here in New York. You can’t look anyone in the eye seriously and say, ‘Well, it has nothing to do with carbon.”



Biden fails to realize that the “consensus” that he speaks of doesn’t exist. The majority of climate scientists may believe that humans play a role in global warming, but a majority doesn’t mean everyone. There are many climate scientists who do not agree and the consensus that liberals love to trumpet simply should not be the end-all of the discussion on climate change.

Here’s an example of the lack of real consensus – Dr. John Coleman, one of the founders of the Weather Channel and an expert on climate change and weather patterns.

Biden_brainThere is no significant man-made global warming at this time, there has been none in the past and there is no reason to fear any in the future. Efforts to prove the theory that carbon dioxide is a significant “greenhouse” gas and pollutant causing significant warming or weather effects have failed. There has been no warming over 18 years. William Happer, Ph.D., Princeton University, Richard Lindzen, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Willie Soon, Ph.D., Harvard Smithsonian Observatory, John Christy, Ph.D., University of Alabama and 9,000 other Ph.D. scientists all agree with my opening two sentences. Yet at your October 23 Hammer Forum on Climate Change you have scheduled as your only speakers two people who continue to present the failed science as though it is the final and complete story on global warming/climate change. This is major mistake.

I urge you to re-examine your plan. It is important to have those who attend know that there is no climate crisis. The ocean is not rising significantly. The polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar Bears are increasing in number. Heat waves have actually diminished, not increased. There is not an uptick in the number or strength of storms (in fact storms are diminishing). I have studied this topic seriously for years. It has become a political and environment agenda item, but the science is not valid.

I am the founder of The Weather Channel and a winner of the American Meteorological Society honor as Broadcast Meteorologist of the Year. I am not a wacko flat Earther. Nor am I a “paid shill” (as has been claimed) of the Koch Brothers. I am a serious Professional. I am strongly urging you to reconsider your plan.

I can be reached at 858-243-1707 and will be pleased the discuss this matter with you and answer questions. I will be happy to provide links to all of the points I have made in this email. As a quick scientific reference you may wish to look at the website of the Non-governmental Panel on Climate Change.

My best regards,

John Coleman

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