Obama Loves the Sound of His Own Voice More than America



Obama uses the ridiculous phrase workplace violence or excessive terrorism to avoid saying Islamic terrorism because he wants to divert our attention from the actual decapitations to a linguistic exercise in labeling insane violence.

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He doesn’t really care what we call terrorism but he wants to create a false debate that distracts us from the flamboyant beheadings displayed by the Muslim fanatics.


He fools no one. He is the great distractor. He plays word games to keep from actualities.  He is hiding in the linguistic distractions of his speech writers.


He is like a high school kid who moons in his car window to get a giggle out of the girls.  He is laughing back at his supporters.  He is obfuscating the truth through word play.


Obama America SmugObama has always made a big brouhaha about closing Gitmo.  Why would he try to stop something so obviously useful? He has turned it into an abstraction rather than a necessity.  It would be like the United States letting German and Japanese killers of civilians go during WWII.


Obama makes up the lie that Gitmo is a recruiting tool when there is no evidence that this is so and his letting out prisoners usually ends in the prisoners rejoining groups like al-Qaeda, killing innocent civilians and being free to recruit new terrorists.


Obama’s whole reason for releasing Gitmo prisoners is to show off his floral humanity.  He is more concerned with showing the country that he is a good guy than in limiting and detaining terrorists.


While Gitmo becomes a talking point, Obama slips five dangerous terrorists out in exchange for a deserter—Bowe Bergdahl.  Six soldiers died looking for a traitor, Bergdahl.


Bergdahl becomes an item for debate when he should never have even been considered for retrieval.

Bergdahl is a negative; the Taliban five are negatives; the whole swap is negative.


Obama says that the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion.  He says this despite the fact that there are beheading, rapes, shootings and crucifixions every day of women and children.


He knows that most American citizens know this, but he says it to confuse us and make us argue with his linguistic folly rather than to jockey towards war which he would embarrassingly be responsible for as Commander-in-Chief.


Obama is allergic towards aggression.  He would rather sit passively encouraging terrorists to attack us.  How many detached legs is he responsible for at the Boston marathon? What is left of their sneakers? How many heads are rolling around the desert because he portrayed America as a mouse rather than a lion?


Obama’s mouse didn’t even roar.  It squeals and complains. It smiles “cheese” at selfies.


I miss the days when Gadhafi gave up his nuclear weapons because he was scared by Bush’s killing Sadam Hussein.  That was before Obama supported our enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt.  And Hillary Clinton walks around holding hands with a family member of the Muslim Brotherhood—Huma Abedin.


Obama retreats from enemy countries where we have made significant progress so he can impress us with his anti-war posture.  He doesn’t care that his retreat in Iraq led to the horrors of Isis and his pulling back in Afghanistan led to the resurgence of the Taliban.  He would rather have us worry about the hypothetical question of whether to be hawkish or dovish than to force him to stand up for freedom and democracy. He is not interested in action.  He likes to play scrabble with our lives.


Basically, what Obama is doing is discouraging his citizens from standing up for American exceptionalism and encouraging them to examine the language that is removed from the actuality of deeds and action.  He is basically passive and would rather see our country burn like the Middle East than to assume the role of a warrior king and have to take responsibility for that posture.


Of course he doesn’t have to worry about being a warrior king. He is merely the king of executive orders, bureaucratic demands and the march to government centered folly.


Actually, Obama is the opposite of a warrior.  When he paints a red line he recedes from it and leaves a wake of decapitations in his retreat.


Obama has diverted the country’s attention from his deeds to his language.  And yet it’s not even his language.  He reads his speech writers’ words from the teleprompter.


His actions don’t relate to his speech.  He must feel a little schizophrenic.  I know that I do when I see the heads of his useful idiots bobbing up and down and applauding his lies.


Remember Obama’s famous lies that you can keep your doctor and health plan.  Such lies ruined people’s lives.  That alone is worse than Watergate.  How did he escape impeachment?


Illegal ObamaAnd let’s not forget that he turned down amnesty for illegals before he changed his mind.  The same way that he changed his mind about same sex marriage.  He has the consistency of a traitor.  He is all pro American and tradition until he becomes a wrecking ball for our country.  He doesn’t realize that his national masochism will catch up with him and he will rapidly become the worst president in our history.


The results of his failure to face Islamic terrorism aren’t in yet.  The heads that have rolled are looking at cages where their compatriots will be set on fire. Who will listen to Obama when our bodies can’t find our heads?


Is Obama intentionally trying to destroy America with ear plugs of language or is he just naïve?  It doesn’t matter.  The result is the same.


The King of Jordan flies a fighter plan.  Obama kicks his golf ball in the rough. He swings his iron and yells, “Four.”  He likes words like “Four.”  But no one has to worry.  He will not hit anyone.  The only thing that flies is a divot.


Obama tried to deflect the people’s attention from the IRS undermining conservative groups by announcing that there wasn’t even a “smidgen of corruption.”  He tried to focus on whether there was or wasn’t a smidgen. Conservative groups went from being thrown under the bus to less than a smidgeon of IRS ire. “Smidgeon”—a distracting word.


The Obamacare website scandal became a costly failure by tech nerds rather than the poorly thought out and ill-conceived project by Obama. Obama cost us billions of dollars to set up a failed application for a self-destructive program.  He bit off more than he could chew.  He was a community organizer handling a few misfits and now he was in charge of healthcare (with no medical experience) for millions of people.


Obama’s ambition exceeds his skills.  He hides all his failures under the rug of his language.


The Fast and Furious investigation has dragged along while Mexican drug cartels continue to kill people with our weapons.  Guilt gets lost in conceptual definitions and bodies become awkward like split infinitives.


The VA scandal becomes an excuse for more studies while our nation’s finest die in the hospitals rather than the battle grounds.


Obama spun Benghazi to be caused by a video not an attack by al-Qaeda. After all, didn’t Obama tell us that al-Qaeda had been decimated?  Oops, he recently told us that Isis will be decimated and degraded.  Watch out, whatever he says is a clue that the opposite will happen.


Obama is out of touch with the world.  He pronounces predictions and descriptions. Who knows if he actually means them?  They all come out wrong.  We come out wrong.  We come out of his political womb headfirst.  We choke, caught in the umbilical cord of the ambitious Democrat Party.


Obama came to power on the boast of transparency.  But he didn’t mean it the way it turned out.  We see through his lies and know that his transparency is failed deception. He might have been better off being less transparent about his fabrications.


He is a product of his words which are the failed mask of his deeds.  Giuliani was right in saying that Obama doesn’t love America.  A man who rises to President doesn’t necessarily love his country.  He loves himself.  He wants to be the most powerful man in the world.


Giuliani’s accusation is truer than anything Obama has ever said about America.


Remember when Michelle Obama said, “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”


But hope had never disappeared until Michelle’s Pinocchio husband tried to do grandiose things, failed, and left America exceptional in that we became the laughing stock of the world.


Words, words, words. While Michelle gained respect for America, I lost it.  I can’t believe that I share a country with Stalin’s useful idiots—liberals—who still believe that our President is anything but an empty suit, a pocket handkerchief failure.

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David Lawrence

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