Don’t Do Politics? That’s a Mistake…

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. — Plato

I don’t do politics

The sermon this past Sunday was from 1 Peter.  The minister reminded us that we are supposed to submit to the authorities.  There was some audible grumbling in the congregation.  He noticed and admitted that many of us are not pleased with the current president and congress, but that we are called to obey authority anyway. We are called to do this because God is in charge of everything – even our lawless president.

Ok, I may have paraphrased that last little bit, but you know it is true.  And, that is why there aren’t a lot of conservative, Christian activists.  We have been told to do what we are told.  (That is also why liberals call us stupid.)

But, I digress.

Today at Bible study, a few of the ladies said that they “don’t do politics.”  So, I didn’t go on and on about terrorists and the Netanyahu speech.  See?  I can be loving.

But, I left scratching my head, because you know what, as Christians, we ALL “do politics.”  Christians are under attack here and all over the world.  Our president openly opposes Israel, our ally.  “He who watches over Israel slumbers not more sleeps.”  Psalm 121:4. I am siding with Israel.

So, we can submit to authorities and we can not cause a ruckus in Bible study.  But, whether we like it or not, all Christians are going to have a fight on our hands.  I just don’t think we can get away from it.  Sooner or later, we are all going to have to “do politics.”

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