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The Rigid Bueracracy of our Public Schools

The rigidity and rejection of sanity has reached an all time high in our schools.

It seems that every week I hear another horror story of something that has happened in a school.  And I am not even talking about the shootings, stabbings, fights, beating up of teachers and suicides.

Just this week I heard two disturbing stories.  In the first, a girl was suspended for handing out forms to fellow students to “opt out” of PARCC testing.  In some states, it is legal to opt out, and the forms were even on the school website.  But, she was suspended.

I heard the second story today, about a little boy who got on the wrong bus.  The driver told him to get out and walk.  He had to walk a mile in the snow.  He came home teary eyed, soaking wet and cold.

Aren’t we paying teachers, administrators and bus drivers to care for our students? Doesn’t that include respecting basic needs and even respecting some human dignity?

I am flabbergasted by the rigidity of the school system.  My kids have been back at a parochial school for almost two months.  Every time I have a question or concern, my children and I have been treated with the utmost respect and care.

It just isn’t like that at public schools anymore.  I will leave you with one final story. One of my friends from college is a teacher.  She was dropping her son off at school on his birthday.  He was so excited to get to school and share his cake with his class, they were two minutes early.

Two minutes.

My friend’s colleague and fellow teacher wouldn’t open the door for the child because it was two minutes early.

This is the kind of rigidity and legalism that rejects all context, even to the detriment of the child, that is prevalent in America’s schools.  Scary, isn’t it?

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Julie Love

Julie Love is a former CPA who currently home-schools her two children. She earned her MS in Journalism from Ohio University in 2002. She was raised in rural Ohio and now lives in the big city of Cleveland.
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