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11 Pictures that Prove Hillary Should Never be President!

The very funny folks over at “Is That Baloney?” have created a funny little presentation that they say proves Hillary Clinton should never, ever be President. Some may call it mean-spirited and other may say it’s in poor taste… but many others will just call it hilarious. I hope you don’t mind us going along with Baloney and poking a little bit of fun at the former first lady.


These are the photos that Team Hillary probably doesn’t want you to see. Why? Because they make Hillary Clinton look like the tired, old, mean woman she really is. And who wants a tired, old, mean woman who’s husband is a sex offender to be president?

1. She must have poked herself in the eye apparently…

Hillary Eye



3. Seriously, me, I worked for a freakin community agitator?

hillary squish

Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of their photos at Is That Baloney?

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