PBS “Italian American” with Mario Cuomo & Lessons Learned

Anyone watching the fourth episode of the PBS program, “Italian Americans” might be aware of feeling a great deal of puzzlement.

Prominent Italian Americans were featured – Antonin Scalia, Nancy Pelosi, author Mario Puzzo, and the late NY governor, Mario Cuomo.

The program was heavy on Mafia, as expected, and very light on the great Italian history of art, opera and music. It showed five minutes with a young Italian American opera singer…and hours recounting the history of the American Mafia.

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What was very interesting to watch was the famous celebrated speech given by Mario Cuomo at a convention – it apparently was a breakthrough for him in national attention.

He talked with passion about his personal family experiences. These segments were given significant air time. He talked about his devoted family and how much he learned by watching his father work 16-hour days.

Italian AmericanIf he believed that seeing his father work hard resulted in his own good work ethic, in fact, the making of his success, it is impossible to understand where his liberal policies came from.

To be honest, if Cuomo knew and deeply believed, as his speech indicated, that hard work produced good character, a sense of purpose and strong self-reliance, motivation to succeed and successful family cohesion, why did his political liberal policies deny those benefits to his constituents?

The Democrats/liberals embarked on welfare policies that have weakened all the character traits Cuomo extolled…hard work, self-reliance, family loyalty, Americanism.

Since the 1960s when welfare programs expanded the culture of the country has deteriorated; specifically, the structure of families has broken down…black families have shown significant deterioration.

Democrats/liberals made it possible – preferable even – for women to have babies outside of marriage without a father for their children. In fact, welfare programs made having babies without fathers a profit center for mothers, resulting in generations of black families where no one has ever held a job. The taxpayers served as father-provider undermining all the virtues Cuomo credited with his own success.

Today nearly 73% of black babies are born out of wedlock, with 40% out of wedlock births in the general population. Any way that is assessed, it is detrimental to the children. And worse for the taxpayers who are forced to act as providers without the authority to required decent conduct from the offspring they are supporting with welfare. Most importantly, it is devastating to society and the country.

Similar policies for the tens of millions of illegals, most from Mexico, have acted as a magnet to the USA creating a tremendous cultural & economic burden for citizens/taxpayers. Entire communities are undermined, schools are wrecked and medical care is compromised, all at the expense of citizens in the trillions.

It would be useful if someone would explain why it was character-building for Mario Cuomo to learn a strong work ethic from his hard-working father, but he and other Democrats and liberals enacted policies that have made generations of blacks into government dependents? How is that good? How does that build character?

Of course, it doesn’t.

What it has built are the voter roles of the Democratic party.

And a national debt right up to the clouds.

None of which is really beneficial for anyone.

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