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Conservatives Need to Keep Fighting Against Obama’s Illegal Amnesty

Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union with Dana Bash, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) made the case that it was incumbent upon conservatives to continue fighting against Obama’s illegal amnesty – even as the liberal media (including Bash in this segment) continued to attack conservatives for caring about the Constitution.

“We’re most interested in adhering to the principles that are consistent with the Constitution. We’re most interested in doing what the voters elected us to do in November. You don’t think this was a big issue in the election last November? Of course it was…And the voters spoke overwhelmingly.”



“We need to make the case. We haven’t made the case strong enough…

What the president did, how is it fair to citizens if you let noncitizens, illegals, go back and get tax refunds for the last three years, as (IRS) Commissioner Koskinen has testified under oath? How is it fair to seniors if you let noncitizens, illegals, participate in our Social Security system? How is it fair to voters?

Our secretary of state, under oath, came and testified in Congress and said noncitizen illegals are going to have a potential now to be involved in our election process, to actually vote.

And, most importantly, Dana, how is it fair, what the president did, how is it fair to those legal immigrants who did it the right way, who followed the law? How is it fair to them?”

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