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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Delivered Important Advice to Conservatives at CPAC 2015

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson was at CPAC this year to deliver some encouragement and some advice to all conservatives, and specifically to the GOP’s 2016 Presidential candidates. Robertson is obviously a beloved figure among social conservatives, and his speech at CPAC should be a reminder for any GOP candidate hoping to win in 2016 – they need the help of social conservatives to win the election. The last two GOP candidates have not had the support of social-cons, and it has cost them, our party, and our nation dearly. The establishment expects social-cons to support the GOP candidate no matter what… but they don’t ever seem to ask them same of the establishment.

It would behoove every GOP candidate to pay close attention and to give credence to Phil Robertson’s words as they push forward in the race for the White House.



Robertson’s Simple Advice to the GOP’s 2016 Candidates:

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson offered some free advice to 2016 presidential candidates at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday.

duckdynasty2“To keep you out of trouble, and to keep the scandals down, let me give you a little word of advice,” he said as he took a huge worn bible out of his bag. “Carry two things with you wherever you go — in case one of you gets to be the president of the United States.”

“Make sure you carry your bible with you, and your woman,” he said. “Safety, safety!”

Robertson was honored at CPAC for standing “firm in his faith” when his show was suspended in 2013 over comments he made condemning gay marriage. Citizens United awarded him the ”Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award.”

“The good news is I’m not running for anything,” he continued. “And as far as I know I’m not running from anything.”

Robertson responded to criticism from some that he’s “just too religious,” by reading a series of quotes from the founding fathers discussing how important religion was to many of them.

“I’m trying to help you, for crying out loud, America,” he said.

He also offered House Speaker John Boehner some advice. “Here’s a newsflash,” he said. “Just make sure you pass good bills coming out of that House that affects my life.”



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