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Anti-Gun Hollywood Hypocrite Stars in ‘The Gunman’

Sean Penn, lover of all things Communist except when getting paid the big bucks for the films he stars in, used to be a gun collector. Then he met a girl:

“Sean Penn, one of Hollywood’s most liberal voices who also happens to be an avid gun collector, has changed his Second Amendment mind and now vows to melt down all his firearms.

“The reason?

“A girl – specifically, his new anti-gun girlfriend, fellow Hollywood notable Charlize Theron, Breitbart reported. The two have been recently linked as a romantic couple.

“Mr. Penn said during a recent Help Haiti Home benefit that was well-attended by other celebrities: ‘A strong woman who happens to be from South Africa’ persuaded me to relinquish my guns, E! Online reported.”

Penn donated his gun collection, 65 in all, to be turned into a piece of anti-gun art…


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