Marco Rubio – Liberals May Not Believe it, but We Know America is Exceptional

In what sure seemed like a speech that was meant to make folks confident that he could be President, Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke at CPAC 2015 on Friday morning and delivered a heartfelt speech about American exceptionalism and the importance of ensuring conservative victory in 2016.

He spoke eloquently on how our nation rose to prominence, thanks primarily to the blessings of God and the hard work of our founders. He then moved on to talking about the disastrous effects of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy and the dangers we now face because of their horrible leadership. Rubio then gave moving, personal testimony about how the USA has given him so many wonderful opportunities.

After a short speech, Senator Rubio sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity, who led the Senator through a short question and answer time about important domestic and foreign policy issues.



On Education – No! to the Common Core

On Disappointment with the GOP – There are some in the party who don’t want to fight, they just want to manage things better.

On Hypocrisy in the media – it doesn’t matter what we do the media says we are the obstructionists.

On Executive Amnesty – it’s not just the policy that’s bad, it’s the way Obama did it. It’s a constitutional problem and we must stand against it!

On Immigration – I made a mistake. Illegal immigration is a big problem and we HAVE to do something.

On Being President – If I run, it’s because I owe America a debt I can never repay.

On ISIS and Islamic Radicalism – Obama is weak because he doesn’t want to upset Iran. ISIS needs to be defeated by other Muslim Middle Eastern nations – but we should offer our full support to those countries.

Hannity then asked Rubio if he were to run for President what would be the 5 most important points on his immediate agenda?


TOP 5 Agenda if Rubio was President (he only listed 3):

1.     Healthy Economy – Tax reform, regulatory reform, repeal and replace Obamacare, fully utilize energy and balance our budget.

2.    Change the way we handle higher education.

3.    Fix our foreign policy – and keep our military strong.


Hannity also did a lightning round where he asked for short answers.


Abortion – Pro-Life

Gay Marriage – Marriage is between one man and one woman

Colorado Marijuana – Against Legalization

Gun Rights – Everyone should have them, even in liberal states

Hillary Clinton – Yesterday

Bill Clinton – Really Yesterday

Barack Obama – Failed



Hannity closed with asking if Rubio believed in American exceptionalism – which Rubio most assuredly does. He explained that only in America does everyone have an opportunity to go beyond the borders of what their parents could. In every other culture and time people could only expect to live as their parents had – inheriting jobs, skills and lives that they may or may not want to live. But in America, we all have the opportunity to be exceptional, and that makes America exceptional.

Rubio’s good – he is very, very good. The man is a brilliant communicator, he knows what to say, how to say it and how to work a crowd. He even hinted at the immigration spat he had with conservatives back when he joined with John McCain and Lindsey Graham on comprehensive immigration reform. He admitted that he was wrong and he knows that now. He hopes that conservatives will let him make up for his past mistakes.

And that’s the biggest question with Marco Rubio, isn’t it? Will conservatives forgive him for his immigration reform missteps, or will they continue to hold it against him?

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