California has been Invaded and is Falling to Mexico

Pope Francis was forced to eat his words after he justly characterized his homeland Argentina’s growing corruption as Mexicanization. Everyone knows what that means…the vestiges of Spanish Colonial policies which are racist, corrupt, criminal and uncaring of native populations. Mexicanization has nothing to do with the ethnicity, race or culture of the people of Mexico – this has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia. What Mexicanization does mean is drugs, guns and corruption rule the population.

Mexico could be rich… Carlos Slim is from Mexico and he is the richest man in the world. But he and the nation refuse to spend one peso on educating, medicating, accommodating their own people. And they have successfully ensured kind foolish Americans do it for them. Costing trillions. Mexico has engaged for the past 40 years in racketeering – exporting illegal drugs, guns and poor people into the USA. Americans and their elected officials have not protested and stopped this economic and cultural attack on the USA. It is not even mentioned in the leftist media.

Considering all of this, American citizens in Orange County, California, don’t have a prayer to be heard protesting the Mexicanization of California as it races ahead.

mexicanizationTaking over more schools is on the agenda.

Universities have been taken over. Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, has an illegal recruiting center on campus. American citizens/taxpayers’ funded educational entities costing hundreds of billions and those that run them are giving them away to criminals/illegals

What a deal for Mexico!

What a disaster for USA!

Currently, every aspect of California communities in general and Orange County in particular are being targeted by the leftists/Dems supporting criminals/illegals. Obama, serving his party’s demands to swell the party’s voters, promises amnesty for untold millions. No one really knows how many illegals, mostly from Mexico, are in the US…certainly far more than the stated 11 million…they send back $30-50 BILLION yearly to Mexico so there are far more than 11 million.

American’s rightful protests cannot be heard as the leftist media refuses to cover the economic and cultural rape of America and its citizens, while it spends oceans of ink to describe in detail the “plight” of criminals/illegals who demand – and are awarded – money, jobs, welfare, free education & meals, prestige, and now they want entire schools be turned over to them. For that matter this is not even covered on Fox or other conservative talk shows.

The onslaught of illegal alien activity is too much for California to bear and it’s too much for our nation to bear – both economically and culturally. There is a reason that every nation in the world has immigration laws and upholding these laws is vital to saving our future.

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