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Bobby Jindal – President Obama has Disqualified Himself and It’s Time to Get Our Nation Back on Track!

Let me start this piece on Governor Bobby Jindal’s speech to CPAC with a few comments of my own. Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are my two personal favorite Presidential candidates, and I also think Governor Scott Walker is a very strong candidate. Right now, however, Governor Bobby Jindal has my support for President of the United States because of other variables and concerns. He has done the hard work of laying the foundation of what could be a very strong presidential campaign.

Governor Jindal is not the most exuberant, enigmatic, gregarious or overly charismatic candidate. He is well spoken and can relate to the people he is speaking to, but no one mistakes him for a Sarah Palin or a Ted Cruz. What Governor Jindal loses in magnetism he makes up for with intellect and ideas. BIG ideas. His speech at CPAC was about the three things he thinks are the most important for us to change in the coming days.


  1. We Must Repeal Every Word of Obamacare.

Washington Republicans are going back on their campaign promises. We don’t need Obamacare lite, we don’t need another Democrat Party, we need principled conservative Republicans. The DC Republicans are growing weak at fighting Obamacare.

  1. We Must Remove Common Core from Every Classroom in America.

We care about education because it’s the best way to help our economy.

We care about education because we are an aspirational society. We believe that anyone can do great things no matter their background.

Bobby JindalWe care about education because we are a self-governing republic. We need to educate the next generation on how to run the nation.

Common Core is a direct attack on the 10th Amendment.

Common Core just continues the liberal trend and liberal philosophy that Americans aren’t smart enough to make the right decisions for themselves. The dollars need to follow the child, the child shouldn’t be forced to follow the dollars.

The purpose of a limited federal government is to secure, not create, our rights.

We have to fight every attempt by the federal government to get involved in education.

  1. We must Win the War against Radical Islamic Terrorism.

President Obama has disqualified himself, and shown himself incapable of being our Commander-in-Chief for being unwilling to identify the threats we face. “We don’t need a war on international poverty, we need a war on radical Islamic terrorism.”

We must fight an unfettered war on terrorism.

The biggest crowd-pleaser came when he explained that he believes it’s okay to ask immigrants to “integrate and assimilate” into our culture – “I am tired of hyphenated Americans. We are not Indian-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans … we are Americans!”

Governor Jindal concluded by deriding the GOP in Washington, D.C. for their spineless behavior in the face of liberal pressures. He said the GOP needs to “grow a spine” and stand up to the President in their efforts to end amnesty, because the President is not a dictator. He can’t just change the laws he doesn’t like. He also argued that the GOP must fight to win in 2016, not for the Republican Party or for conservatism, but for our nation’s future.


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