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Governor Sarah Palin – the Importance of our Veterans

In a heartfelt and moving speech that focused on our veterans, Governor Palin spoke with deep empathy about supporting our troops.

In a speech that centered on our nation’s military and the issues of most import to them, she praised our men and women serving in the Armed Forces. She derided the Obama administration for his lazy and destructive “leadership” of our military. She lambasted Congress for their despicable treatment of our veterans by not pushing hard enough to fix the problems at the Veterans Administration.



Govern Palin outlined 3 ways to care for our veterans now.


  1. Give Vets vouchers to seek treatment outside of the VA. Instead of illegal aliens getting served before them, we demand that our VETS are first in line.


  1. Let vets with the skills they learned in the military use those skills in the real world when leaving the military. Let their military certification transfer to the real work force.


  1. Secure veterans benefits. Congress cut vets retirement benefits, but not their own.


Governor Palin showed what makes her such a juggernaut in conservative circles; she can absolutely lead a crowd to feel the same emotions that she does, and to feel them deeply. Her speech was a moving tribute to our servicemen and women, as well as a stark reprimand of the way liberals have handled our foreign policies, in particular, the war against radical Islam, over the last 6 or so years.

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