Christianity under Fire – The White House Looks Away

Christianity is under attack at the hands of ISIS. ISIS is slaughtering and kidnapping Christians, then sharing news of their horrific acts on social media vehicles. Ninety Christians, mostly women and children, were taken hostage in Syria. Their families have no idea whether their loved ones are alive or dead. This frightening news comes on the heels of the beheading of twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya. These actions seem to be happening on a near daily basis. We also recently learned that the Mall of America, located in Bloomington Minnesota, outside of Minneapolis is on high alert for an attack from Al Shabaab, a sect of Islamic extremists from Somalia. Minneapolis is credited with having the largest concentration of Somalians in the U.S. Yet the White House is curiously silent. No one in the Obama Administration is willing to use the words radical Islamic terrorism. President Barack Obama has repeatedly stated that there is no connection between terrible acts committed by ISIS and Islam. He keeps reiterating his talking point that ISIS has nothing to do with religion and Islam has been “perverted” by violent extremists. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest initially described the execution of the twenty-one Coptic Christians as the murder of twenty-one citizens, but later revised his statement to expressly refer to the victims as Christians. Secretary of State John Kerry has also stated “The biggest error we could make would be to blame Muslims for crimes that their faith utterly rejects.” At the same time, we have our new Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter saying that the Islamic State is “hardly invincible” and that our strategy for combating ISIS is “sound”.   It is hard to believe that our strategy is “sound” when we continue to reduce our military presence while ISIS continues to expand its geographic reach.

persecutionWhen is the Obama Administration going to wake up and see the situation for what it is? How many more murders, rapes and acts of human trafficking need to take place? How many more terrorist training videos depicting children holding guns need to be circulated? The White House needs to admit that the Judeo-Christian world is under attack from a radical sect of Islam who use their religion to justify their barbaric acts. The White House lost an opportunity with the recent Summit on Countering Violent Extremism. Why that Summit was even held? The White House Administration did not even invite the Reformist Muslims who are seeking to reclaim their religion from its radical sect. Their unique viewpoint would have been helpful to the discussion. But then again, the Reformist Muslims weren’t invited because their viewpoints don’t fit the White House’s narrative that the recent acts of terrorism have nothing to do with religion. On the other hand, there were some Muslims present who had previously expressed anti-Judeo-Christian sentiments including Salam Al-Marayati, the founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), who, after 9/11, suggested putting Israel on the suspect list.

The White House needs to stop being politically correct. The Obama Administration needs to stop talking about radical Islamic terrorists like they are victims of their life’s circumstances. They are not victims. They are evil individuals who are willing to go to extreme measures including suicide to eliminate the Judeo-Christian population. They are the enemy of the liberties which US citizens hold dear including freedom of religion. We need to rid the world of these bad seeds.

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