The Killer of the American Sniper Should Die



Eddie Ray Routh is trying to get out of his punishment for the killing of Chris Kyle (the American Sniper) and Chad Littlefield. His lawyer claims that he was insane and should be treated tolerantly.  He supposedly didn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

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I personally think that Routh should be executed. Inanity is not an excuse; it is a definition.  Commit the crime, do the time, die. What difference does it make what was running through Routh’s head. His thoughts, twisted or not, are part of him.  He is his obsessions and must take responsibility for them regardless of whether or not they are sane.

Kyle and Littlefield are permanently dead. Roth has sentenced them to less time on earth than he is enjoying.  It’s time to smash Routh’s clock.

I don’t believe in mitigating circumstances or being let off the hook because you can’t tell right from wrong. The sickness is not mental.  It is built into Routh’s body.  He is a product of his chemical obsessions.  Routh is what he is and if the sickness inside him leads to murder he should be executed.

I know this is harsh, but I feel that society is harsher in giving killers nice berths in jail and letting innocent victims die.  I spent two years in jail and it was a breeze.  Ex cons don’t believe in appeasement.  I remember sitting in the rec room and all the cons rooting that OJ would get shot in his Bronco. Why not?  His victims were hacked to pieces.  Kindness to cruelty is cruelty to kindness and a reversal of values.

Chris_KyleRouth will probably end up in a mental hospital in jail.  A friend of mine spent three years in Riker’s mental institution.  He liked it.  Kyle’s wife doesn’t like it.  She doesn’t like being alone.

Whether or not Routh has PTSD is irrelevant.  What matters is the effect of his behavior on his victims.  The killer deserves less consideration than the dead.

There is a problem with our legal system in that we help the perpetrators more than the victims.  If the criminals are insane they get a break.

Why?  Insanity is a condition not an excuse.  It should be defined as the mind being attached to instincts that precipitate violent acts. Whether or not you recognize the consequences of your acts is meaningless.  You are defined by your acts.  Whatever you are thinking, you are still a murderer.

Routh replied to a cop: “I’m just so nervous about what’s been happening in my life today. I don’t know what’s been happening. I’ve been so paranoid schizophrenic all day. I don’t know what to even think of the world right now. I don’t know if I’m insane or sane.”

If Routh can define himself as paranoid schizophrenic, then he is probably not so.  Even if he were, it doesn’t matter.  He did a foul deed—killing two friends—and deserves equal punishment.  His mental state is a description not an excuse.

Routh’s lawyers add that he was in a psychotic state and thought he was walking into a showdown on the shooting range.  Regardless, Kyle and Littlefield are dead.  If I shot someone I might think that I am a superhero saving mankind.  Would that make me innocent?  Craziness is not an excuse.  It is a definition.

Later Routh says he got angry at Chad Littlefield for not shooting with him. Anger is what it is.  It is part of the criminal and the criminal is on trial in his totality. He’s nuts but we’re all nuts.  That is not an excuse for executing your helpful friends. It is an indictment.  It shows that Chad is obsessively attached to his moods and part of his chemistry.

Routh’s lawyer says that Routh was insane at the time that he killed Kyle and Littlefield. He was still Routh. He still killed.  Insane does not mean innocent.  It is causal.  It is both cause and effect.

Prosecutors say that Routh’s actions are the actions of a cold-blooded killer. That is true regardless of his state of mind. That is the reason he should be executed.

The deed is done.  It cannot be erased.  There is no justification, just explanation.  And explaining a horrendous deed does not exonerate Routh.

There’s not a man on death row who doesn’t beg for leniency regardless of stupid liberal theories that life in jail is worse than death. Get rid of Routh, kill him.  He upsets the balance of the beauty of the earth regardless of his possible schizophrenia.

Let’s not be cruel like the Muslims who cut off heads or burn a pilot in a cage. But the job must be done swiftly. If we look the other way the stone moral edifices of civilization will crumble into dust.

America, the Ozymandias of civilizations, will become a “colossal wreck” if we don’t redress wrongs.   Our society will become “boundless and bare.”  The scales of justice will decay. Liberals murder justice, enable killers and turn retribution into appeasement.

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David Lawrence

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