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What happens when you ask a Democrat school board candidate about Common Core?

I am a campaign manager for a local election and my candidate is a Democrat  (yes, I know I deserve to be shot), and yesterday I decided to ask her a few questions. The first few questions were answered (although barely) and then I got to the big one: I asked her about her stance on Common Core. I got the classic liberal cop out that local school boards shouldn’t be pressed over state and federal mandates.

The overall situation for my city is not good. We have a choice between bad, worse, and worst. Candidates say they will be fiscally responsible, but yet they refuse to cut anything and want to only raise taxes. This is a complete slap in the face to the voting population. They have two options: vote for a tax hike or vote for a candidate who will raise taxes. As a student  (and as a C.M.) I feel violated by the system, especially considering anyone remotely moderate to conservative has no chance of getting elected. I fear for the kids that are in elementary school and lower, because they will learn based on the Common Crap standards, and will learn fake math. I’m number nine in my class out of 469, and I’m taking several classes for college credit, and I have an extremely difficult time figuring out the new type of math.

Last week I wrote an article about the infiltration of socialism in high school –  The lack of a quality mathematic education at the elementary level will only lower America’s rank in the world education stage. It is truly humiliating. America is a great nation, but I fear that it is no longer the greatest nation on this planet. But we can be. Here’s how: we need have an unbiased education that is rooted solely in fact and we need to realize that every student is unique and we cannot have universal standards. If we continue to elect liberals that cop out every single time they are confronted about an important issue, we will fall below China and Russia, as well as Europe.

My number one line has always been this: an informed voter is the vaccine for the corrupt politician smallpox. In my last piece, people told me in the comments that the ballot box is broken. Here’s my response: fix it by informing your friends, and/or enemies, as my Civics teacher would always say. We need more teachers like him. Make sure you vote in competent school board members.

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