Obama’s Lies are Getting to be Kind of Funny



Islamic butchers are burning and beheading people all over the world and Obama refuses to admit that Islamic terrorists are Islamic.  His lies keep us from confronting our true enemies.

If this weren’t so tragic it would be funny.  What intellectual would be blinded enough to say that orthodox Muslim killers of innocent victims were not really killing in the name of their religion because their religion—Islam—is really a religion of peace; therefore, the beheaded must be beheaded by some undefined, not peaceful killer.

Obama defines Islam as peace.  Therefore, peace being peaceful can’t kill.

The giant blade of Obama’s neglect is cutting off the heads of children.  He can’t label it.  He can’t say it.  He does not want to call the killers Islamist.

obamaliesWhy?  Because he is still a covert sympathizer with his roots in Islam.  He was brought up in the Muslim religion, being influenced by his father and his step-father.

In addition he knows that recognition of the horrors of Islam might lead us into WWIII.  And he ran as the peace President, winning a Nobel Peace Prize and criticizing George Bush for leading us into two wars.

He’d rather duck the truth and avoid another war until he gets out of office leaving the mess for a new president.  Why not let his successor be responsible for World War III while he polishes his Nobel Peace Prize?

He thinks that the soft treatment we give prisoners at GITMO is too cruel and doesn’t give a darn when he goes out golfing right after Foley’s decapitation or refuses to identify twenty-one decapitated heads as Christian on the beach in Libya.

Obama is the peace President.  His appeasement might indeed lead to America’s apocalypse.  And while this rock star allows the stage to burn with pyrotechnics, he is fiddling like Nero while the world burns like the Jordanian pilot burned.

But it’s so funny.  I won’t even argue with Obama about his ellipsis of Islamic terrorism.  It’s so obvious a ruse by a president who is so bewildered that he thinks he will get away with protecting his legacy by not calling the terrorists Islamists. And we discuss his ridiculous thesis like there is a remote possibility that the killers are not Islamic terrorists. Like the impossible is so by saying that it is so.

You can’t argue with a liar and the self-deluded.  Let him go.  His failures will lead us retrospectively to not be such dolts in the future.  He will be our lesson. He will be an historical traitor against American excellence.

Obama is a smooth talker.  A stalker of an embrace with our demise. An insincere argument; a lie that is not worth answering.

We insult ourselves to answer his pro-Muslim embrace.  It shows that we take his ridiculous arguments seriously rather than the dangers of his failure to prepare a reasonable future for us who he was supposed to protect rather than betray.

Obama’s spoke woman Marie Harf says that the only way to defeat ISIS is by giving them jobs.  She says that “We cannot win this war by killing them, we cannot kill our way out of this war.”  She does not understand hatred.  She does not understand that no job would cause Islamists to lose their blood lust. That you cannot win a war by not killing your enemies.

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David Lawrence

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