The Most Important Article About Syria Ever

Herman Cain is a very smart guy.

He recently posted a fake Facebook conversation the president had with some very important politicians.

As I read through the fake convo, I found myself laughing out loud; but as I finished, the laughter turned to introspection.

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The fake conversation wasn’t so fake… it was based on reality and only slightly blurred at the edges…which got me to thinking about the hypocrisy some of us exhibit in our politics.

Liberals like to pretend that Republicans are always searching for ways to increase the power of the executive branch – which is why so many of them got antsy when Iran started “posturing” during the Bush years. Crazy Uncle Joe (Biden) went so far as to threaten impeachment if President Bush didn’t seek authorization from Congress before invading Iran.

Yet Bush had sought authorization on both Afghanistan and Iraq, so why were they so concerned he wouldn’t for Iran? Honestly, I don’t think Biden or the Democrats cared either way – it was simply a way to push the narrative that President Bush was an authoritarian incognito.

Syria ConvoWill the left gnash their teeth and wail about separation of powers if President Obama bypasses Congressional authorization to attack Syria? I doubt it.

Time Magazine points out the hypocrisy of Obama’s Syria intervention in a recent article, quoting 2007 Barack Obama telling the world that President Bush didn’t have the authority to attack Iran. Here is the money quote in all its glory: “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat.” That’s really interesting Mr. President… but in 2013 everything is different, huh?

Further down in the fake conversation, the creator points out how all of the Democrat “clucking” about how the world hated President Bush didn’t amount to much once they took the lead. Hillary famously called for a Russian “re-set”, yet our relations with Russia are worse today than they have been since before the end of the cold war. President Obama was supposed to get dialogue going with China and smooth out the rough edges of our relationship with them through the strength of his indomitable will and charming personality. Today we owe China more than ever and they are posturing for war with Japan and Taiwan… and by extension… us? When will American voters learn that Democrat policies in dealing with foreign powers create the image of a double-minded, wavering America? It makes us look like the parent who threatens to punish but never follows through because they want their kids to “like” them, when all they’re doing is building up resentment towards their weakness in their kids.

The finish of the conversation is great because it’s true. Harry Reid will always cover for the administration – that has been his job since day one of the Obama Presidency, always provide legislative cover for the abusive Obama regime. Senator Rand Paul continues to stick to his principles, even when it’s not popular with his own Party… isn’t that the kind of politician Americans are always saying they want? Joe Biden is crazy and offering advice that will get you arrested. (Seriously, it got this guy arrested.) And Hillary Clinton lets everyone know who is really in charge…

I don’t know who came up with this convo, but it’s spot on and the creator should be applauded.

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