George Washington Remains America’s Rock Star!



George Washington was and remains the rock star of America.

With apologies for casting this great man in what can be thought of as a vulgar term, one reaches for ways to illuminate for today’s citizens the monumental perfection of soul in the man.

We, today’s American citizens, were enormously blessed in the Founding Fathers in general and Washington in particular. And it appears we are now paying the price with a president who is beneath any standard of comparison to our first president, George Washington.The Founding Fathers loved America. The current president has shown he does not. This is a great tragedy for the country and its citizens

There are no words to adequately capture the grandeur that was George Washington. Justly honored and loved in his own time, he is a reminder of how incredibly fortunate the fledgling new republic, United States of America, was in its founding.

Dinesh D’Souza’s recent book and film, “America: What Would the World be Without her?” has a scene in the beginning of the film of General Washington being shot to death in battle with a voice-over tolling the death of the future new nation. Without him there could have been no United States. No one else had the gravitas to catapult  the British Colonies from satisfied English dependents to American independents.

George WashingtonWashington stood literally and figuratively above his peers. He devoted himself to perfecting his skills and character in ways which produced the exceptional man he was known to be. While not a classically educated man, he had the “right stuff” for the times. He was militarily experienced, educated about the land through his work as a surveyor, had developed a love and loyalty to America before it officially existed.

His role model – the person he was most often compared with –  was the 5th century B.C. Roman citizen and soldier Cincinnatus, who declined Rome’s invitation to be perpetual leader, called dictator. Instead, Cincinnatus answered his country’s call to defeat the enemy, which he did quickly, then put aside his sword and returned to his plow to work his farm. Cincinnatus did not covet personal power. He exemplified the great Roman Civic Virtue. This Washington and his cohort based their lives upon – Civic Virtue to the country they created.

After becoming the first general to defeat a colonial power, the greatest army in the world at that time, the Revolutionary War hero, George Washington, stunned the world by letting it be known he would resign his army commission.

What? Who willingly gives up such power?

History is crammed with victorious military generals who were not sated by battlefield wins. Their gargantuan appetites compelled them to bite off entire countries, as did Julius Caesar and Napoleon and others.

King George III of England, upon hearing of Washington’s intention to resign,  from his portrait painter, American Benjamin West, was said to have stated: “If he does that he will be the greatest man in the world.”

And so he proved himself to be.

George Washington 3As a teenager Washington diligently set himself the task of copying “Rules of Civility,” as a reminder of how to conduct himself politely, always showing deference to others. A handsome man of great power, he took pains to be a graceful dancer and was a superb horseman – two highly valued accomplishments of the colonial era.

Tarzan novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs’, characterization of one of his fictional men, Captain John Carter, seemed to fit Washington:

“…was a man…of vast experience, honorable and abounding in true fellowship. He stood a good two inches over six feet, was broad of shoulder and narrow of hip, with the carriage of the trained fighting man. His features were regular and clear-cut, his eyes steel gray, reflecting a strong and loyal character. He was a Southerner of the highest type…”

George Washington served in the War for eight years, at no pay. When Congress failed to provide the proper compensation to his men he used all his skills to avoid a mutiny. Only their personal admiration and love for him diverted their demands for payments.

However, one man, Col. Lewis Nicola, in May, 1782, was fed up with the money situation. He suggested the country might be better off if Washington simply became king.

This was not an impossibility. Washington had the power and loyalty to set himself up as King George. Some may not have liked the idea, but there were many who would have accepted it.

Col.Nicola wrote to Gen. Washington with the suggestion he become king.

George Washington 2Washington was appalled upon receiving the letter as he was committed to the establishment of a free republic. Washington wrote back to Nicola instantly:

“…with a mixture of great surprise and astonishment, I have read with attention the sentiments you have submitted…I am much at a loss to conceive what part of my conduct, could have given encouragement to an address…if I am not deceived in the knowledge of myself, you could not have found a person to whom your schemes are more disagreeable..”

Even in anger Washington remains courteous.

Unfortunately, it would appear that today’s US president acted upon Col. Nicola’s  treasonous suggestion…becoming king instead of “taking care to faithfully…” ensure the Constitution is upheld.

The United States was fortunate in its founding and is now struggling to survive the lack of “civic virtue” apparent in today’s White House…from rampant lying to public sympathizing with the enemy.

Obama’s prayer breakfast comments comparing the defensive Christian Crusades, of one thousand years ago, a defense war to stop Muslim incursion into Europe, to today’s Muslim terrorist atrocities, shocked and appalled Americans, and much of the civilized world.

No American thinks like that.

No Westerner thinks like that.

But the current American president thinks like that.

Thank you, political “Chicago Machine,” for unleashing this on America.

Washington would again be appalled. As are Intelligent American citizens.

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