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Illegal Immigration Jobs

All of the Supposed US “Job Growth” is Going to Illegals!

Job growth?

What job growth?

The job growth headlines in newspapers, such as the Orange County Register (CA) which trumpeted “…growth fastest since 2000…”…with 3.1 million new non farm jobs in 2014 was not telling the whole jobs story.

The Register’s headline, February 7, 2014, failed to state that virtually all new jobs went to immigrants – illegals from Mexico and legals from elsewhere.

While Americans are being shut out of finding good-paying jobs, Congress is said to be considering increasing immigration, which would add to the woes of Americans unable to find suitable employment. Americans need to pay attention to try to stop this reckless political scheme to grow the underclass by continued illegal immigration, mostly from Mexico. This is a huge disadvantage to all Americans and to American workers in particular.

According to Steven Camarota, Ph.D., Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies, reporting on Fox News, January 30, 2015, there are 2 million more immigrants working now than in 2000 and 1.5 million native born working.

“All job growth has gone to foreign born – both legal and illegal immigrants,” Camarota stated on the O’Reilly Factor TV program.

illegalsCamarota went on to explain the jobs taken by immigrants go across the labor market, to all levels, from engineers to mid-level to lower-level jobs.


He stated there has been a 14 year decline for Americans in wages…as there are too many workers chasing the limited number of jobs.

Camarota  further stated data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that ALL job growth since 2007 has gone to immigrants.

Let’s repeat that important detail: All new jobs have gone to immigrants.

Native-born Americans are behind at all levels, as immigrants are gaining.

No one seems to be concerned about American citizens, but there are legions of Democrats/leftists/Marxists very interested in helping illegal immigrants in every way.

This is pushed along by the leftist media which continues to churn out daily “news stories” on the “plight” of illegal immigrants, most from Mexico.

You won’t see any investigative news articles on how American citizens are being bankrupted by the illegals who are consuming hundreds of billions while they pay no taxes on the illegal money earned which enables them to send back $30-50 billion – that’s BILLION – yearly to Mexico…the second highest income.

Certainly, there is no expressed media awareness of the damage done to the US and its citizens by 40 years of Mexico’s racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns and poor people for the purpose of subversion and profit. No media outlet exposes how Americans have been disenfranchised by illegal Mexicans breaking into the USA to steal jobs, education, medical care, housing and every other benefits citizens have created for themselves.

illegalThe hundreds of billions illegals cost citizens is never illuminated. In fact, in Los Angeles it is estimated that 40% of workers are paid in cash, and therefore pay no taxes, because they are in the US illegally. And still nearly 30%  of illegals manage to obtain welfare intended for citizens.

According to, 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are illegals; 75% most wanted in LA are illegals; 25% of inmates are Mexican illegals.

Less than 2% of illegals are picking crops.

In Orange County, virtually all workers in construction, landscaping are non-Americans. Retail and medical office workers are increasingly non-Americans. This is hugely unfair to America and its citizens who are footing the bills for Mexico’s citizens living off the US. In LA three-fourths of babies born are to illegals – and who pays the hospital bills? Of course, you do…American citizens pay. It’s an outrage.

That is a law which must be changed to reflect its original intention.

Changing that law, closing the borders and deporting substantial numbers of illegals are some of the things that must be done to stop the confiscation of the US by Mexico and its illegals. Don’t count on it…Mexican Carlos Slim is the second riches person in the world…why hasn’t he funded education, health care for his fellow Mexicans? Because he knows Americans will do ti for him.

The Democrats have made it clear…they are allowing millions of illegals into the US to “fundamental transform” the country…Americans do not approve of this scheme and must speak out now.

Illegals are, in fact, criminals. Breaking into the US is a crime. There are laws which prohibit profit from criminal actions.

The illegals’ reasons are irrelevant to their crime. The burglars who break into a home also want a “better life” – the excuse illegals give about breaking into Americans’ home – the USA.

Americans demand to know why politicians and law enforcement have allowed criminals/illegals to steal hundreds of billions from US and its citizens?

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