Disney and the Dark Secret Behind Miley Cyrus

There. You clicked it. You’re guilty. Now read on.[1]

We’re on the verge of waging another undeclared war in the center of the tectonic fault line of all international instability. Our country is on the verge of complete economic meltdown and insolvency. But what is really weighing down facebook feeds, tweets, posts, blogs, and news sites (aside from the occasional posts on Ben Affleck being Batman)? I’m not going to say. You know what it is. If you really don’t know, click here.  Curiously enough, the Onion ran another piece on she-who-will-not-be-named (even before the twerking incident) indicating that Disney stars (the Olsen twins, Lindsey Lohan, and now that other one) almost always get “depleted” by over-use. It would be funnier if it weren’t pretty much exactly the truth.

And everyone is outraged. And they long for the good old days. “Where has our country gone?” they ask.

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Whatever. I don’t believe it. We love it. If we didn’t love it, it wouldn’t be there. Like Jim Gaffigan said: “No one admits to going to McDonald’s. They sell six billion hamburgers a day. There’s only 300 million people in this country. It’s like, ‘Hmmm. I’m not a calculus teacher, but I think everyone is lying.’”

Disney makes bank on the fact that both outrage and titillation create revenue. Both the perverts and the prudes will make a fallen angel famous. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Think about it: from Madonna to Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Lindsey Lohan—you name it. First, Disney builds up a reservoir of good faith and innocence. They make their starlet seem like the girl next door, the prom queen, the cheerleader, the preacher’s daughter, the perfect princess. All-American, down-to-earth, wholesome family values. Maybe cast her in a family show for kids. Slap a G rating on it. Make it safe, harmless, and fake. Grind this pabulum out and sell it to terrified parents desperate for the mindless entertainment that will keep their sugared-up kids still and quiet for a spell.

But when the innocent girl gets just ripe enough, Disney cashes in on the innocence they’ve been accumulating—they turn that starlet scarlet. You think these girls go this route without handling? Doubtful. Disney signs off on them because they have to for the sake of their own two-faced reputation, but that doesn’t mean this wasn’t all part of the plan. This is what the whole thing has been driving toward. This is actually the payoff. Disney was responsible for the first stage in the prep process, and some other media giant will take the reigns from there. Like a turkey fattened for the slaughter or a calf fattened for sacrifice, Disney gets us to believe their stars are good people. Without this initial trust, the fall wouldn’t mean anything.

Nothing is sexier to our perverted culture than transgressed boundaries. Sex is fun. Until you’re married that is. Then it isn’t taboo. And if it isn’t taboo, it’s probably boring. Sex with a whore is okay, but it is rather mundane. Sex with a prep school girl or a novice? So much more stimulating. That is, until those symbols of innocence are spent of their shock value. Spears, Lohan, and even Madonna have very little left of the static charge that made their initial dive into the depraved riveting to a general audience. Nowadays, people just expect stupid pranks and meaningless “bad girl” bravado from that group of spent “depravity cartridges.” On to the next good girl full of perversion potential.

It’s important to note that it makes no difference to Disney and the rest of the media empire if you, the viewer, hate it or love it. If you’re focusing on it and talking about it, they win. We can stare at the screen in horror, but the fact is that we are still staring at the screen. We still give this rubbish the time of day. I honestly don’t even want to talk about it now. I really don’t want to join in this conversation. I haven’t seen the videos in question, and I won’t click the links to get there. I don’t think it is terribly worthwhile. Our culture is going to pot, I agree. But sitting on our couches lamenting this fact is not going to fix anything. It just makes us feel better about ourselves, and all the while our fixation is generating revenue for the merchants of potential and kinetic sin energy.

And that is what Disney sells to us, is it not? Whether by hiding the big bad world from our eyes or lambasting our sensibilities with outrageous affronts to common decency, Disney makes us feel better about ourselves. And we eat it up. You shouldn’t criticize them. You shouldn’t even criticize the twerking tween. They’re just playing a part. Filling a need. Running through a channel like water. We cut the channel. We built the stage. We click and play.

Now, you may agree with me totally. It’s because you think I am not talking about you. You think I’m talking about the rest of the country. But I am talking specifically and individually about you. You clicked this link. This is your fault. But I wrote this article. This is my fault. We are the problem. We are drawn to this outrageous spectacle—whether it’s from moral indignation, secret prurience, blind curiosity, whatever. None of that matters. We have to stop feeding this beast. Stop being so willingly distracted from the important things. Stop being a pawn in this game. Stop making stupid, wicked people famous.

  1. I’m guilty of writing it, I know. I hope it was for a good cause. []

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