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Bobby Jindal Lays Out His Plan for Reforming America’s Education System

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) is doing his level best to lay the groundwork for his 2016 Presidential run. He started a couple of weeks ago by jumping right into the middle of Europe’s Islamic radicalism problems (rocking the European Political Correctness Boat in the process), and this week he’s come home to move on to domestic policy, namely one of the issues that most Americans usually list as one of their top concerns – Education.

Governor Jindal has some education chops. He’s implemented some of the most progressive (and I mean that in the best way possible) education reforms in the country, and it’s paying dividends in Louisiana. No, education in the state still isn’t great, but things are better now then they were just a few short years ago. The best part is that the people who are benefitting most from Jindal’s education reforms are the poor in his state.

Well, now Governor Jindal is taking that plan nationally and it’s bound to spark some debate – especially among liberal, business-as-usual politicians who want to make sure that there are no changes (ever) with our education system.

The plan focuses on three major themes: parent or school choice, limited government and educator freedom.

In his introduction, Jindal emphasizes these guiding approaches:

  • Allowing education dollars to “follow the child,” meaning to be used as parents and families deem best inside or outside conventional “government schools” — and including online learning and homeschooling.
  • Reforming teacher tenure laws: “We must get out of the mode of paying teachers for how long they have been breathing. … Good teachers need to be rewarded, and underperforming teachers need to be put on notice, and ultimately dismissed if they do not improve.”
  • Rejecting the “national curriculum” created by Common Core education standards and returning education decisions to the local level: “It’s bad enough that the federal government has begun tying compliance with Common Core to federal funds, but once you see the methods and the homework that accompanies Common Core, the verdict is in: Common Core must go.”


It’s a bold plan and another notch in Governor Jindal’s 2016 GOP campaign belt. The other candidates will be hard-pressed to offer a more comprehensive reform that is as forward thinking as Governor Jindal’s. The best part of his plan is that it puts him in stark opposition to Jeb Bush who has wholeheartedly embraced the Common Core, and Governor Mike Pence whose education reforms in Indiana were modeled on the Common Core. In releasing a plan that lambasts the Common Core and everything that comes along with it – Governor Jindal is implying that the GOP candidates who support the Common Core have disqualified themselves already.

I tend to agree with him.

Governor Jindal’s plan is a brilliant move in the right direction, and education reform fans should embrace it. It puts the power in the hands of parents and local populations while also giving good teachers a free hand to do what they do best… teach.


You can read his entire proposal here.

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