15 Years Later: Islamic Terrorism is Being Swept Under the Rug by Obama

Guest Post by Matthew Richey:

Fifteen years ago today, the world watched as the United States had become the target of the worst terrorist attack in world history. Islamic Terrorism had fully reared its ugly head on that day, and traumatized the nation. For a brief and inspiring moment, Americans from all backgrounds and political ideologies had gathered in unison to address the potential for another deadly strike. We as a nation were prepared to do whatever it takes to combat terrorism.

Over time, our unity against a common enemy has begun to fade. The threat of Islamic terrorism is being swept under the rug by the Obama Administration, all in the name of being “Politically Correct.” While President Obama refuses to even acknowledge any of the recent terrorist attacks as Islam-related, the nation is giving quarter to those who would like to recreate the events of September 11th. If we are to preserve our nation and our way of life, we need a strong leader who is willing to address the facts, and take appropriate action to promote the safety of the American people.

Let us take the time today to thank our troops who keep us safe at night, and pray that the lives of the American citizens caught in the horrifying attacks fifteen years ago were not lost in vain.

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