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Islam Terrorism

Obama Continues to “Avoid the Obvious” on Islam

Conservative pundit George Will had some pretty insightful remarks about President Obama’s verbal incontinence when it comes to the war on terror.

In Obama’s recent interview with he continued to mangle basic common sense  as he tried to avoid talk of Islam or terrorism when discussing the recent attacks in Paris.

Here’s how Will explained what is happening when Obama dithers on just speaking plainly.

Terrorism is random violence. So in a sense, the attack on the cartoonist was not terrorism. That is an assassination. They went after specific people who they knew would be in a specific place at a specific time. That’s not random violence; that’s an attack. The president, we can appreciate his affection for the teleprompter because he gets in trouble partly because he is constantly tiptoeing through what he considers a semantic minefield. He doesn’t want to say Islamic extremism extremism. There are all kinds of things he doesn’t want to say that just common sense would have you say. So, when you’re avoiding the obvious, it gets pretty nerve-racking.

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