Let’s Go RINO Hunting

If I was to make a list of my favorite states (other than my home of Georgia, of course), the Palmetto State – South Carolina – would be high up on that list.

From the western county hills to the eastern shore line, South Carolina is a beautiful state filled with wonderful, friendly and intelligent people.

Which is why I’ve always scratched my head at one of their choices for Senator. Lindsey Graham politics is nothing like the South Carolina I have come to love… he may be a nice guy with an affable personality and southern drawl… but he is a squishy moderate who is way too quick to go to war and way too slow to cut spending.

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Well, it warms my heart to see South Carolina lining up prospective candidates in an effort to go RINO[1] hunting and dump the Palmetto State’s chief RINO.

Graham is a symbol of the RINO wing of the Party and watching opponents get in line to fight him makes me wonder if this will happen across the country. Will we see grassroots conservatives stand up in an effort to knock out RINO’s all over the place? The precedent has been set with Senators like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul — each of whom defeated establishment candidates who were overwhelmingly supported by the Party leadership.

If you need a reminder of why Graham needs to be retired in 2014, he gave you another reason just a couple of weeks ago when he suggested, “that a government shutdown as a way to fight the Obama administration’s Affordable Health Care act would be “a bridge too far.” Graham has fought against the effort to defund Obamacare since day one, which is odd for a man who claims to be against the Obamacare legislation.

tiredofgrahamI’ve already covered some of the multitude of other reasons Graham should be let go in articles past (here and here)… but now there are some real conservatives looking for the nomination and so it’s time to coalesce behind one of them.

“So far, three people have stepped forward to challenge Mr. Graham in the June primary: State Senator Lee Bright; Richard Cash, a former Congressional candidate; and Nancy Mace, the first woman to graduate from the Citadel and, at the moment, the challenger whose political star is rising the fastest.” Any of the three announced candidates would be preferable to Graham, but we here at Eagle Rising have a particular affinity for Ms. Mace. She’s a values-oriented conservative who won’t back down from a fight and won’t compromise her principles for personal gain.

So who will it be, South Carolina? Choose wisely and remember: just don’t choose Graham. Your conservative brethren will thank you!


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